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ecommerce pricing automation model case study


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ecommerce with pricing automation

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8th Dec 2022

ecommerce pricing strategy & automation


Web & AI Development

client requirement for ecommerce pricing automation


The client sought a rapid and reliable market research solution capable of efficiently processing and analyzing large datasets to facilitate well-informed decision-making and gain a competitive edge.

client requirement for pricing automation
challenges of pricing automation
challenges of ecommerce pricing automation


The client’s software application, designed to handle extensive data volumes, faced slow performance and resource limitations, negatively impacting user productivity and decision-making processes. Retrieving over 72 million data entries from MongoDB using text search proved to be inefficient.

automating the smoke and regression Tests


Calibraint was exceptionally able to bring forward an expert solution that reduced data query time from 4 minutes to just 20-25 seconds, leading to significantly enhanced data processing efficiency. Users now enjoy faster insights and the ability to make data-driven decisions, ultimately improving user satisfaction and positioning the client to deliver efficient, performance-driven solutions.

automating the smoke and regression Test

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