We, being a firm that promotes foremost technology have Machine Learning as its core service. Our Chatbot Services, based on NLP acts as an interface to empower an effective messaging medium between customers & businesses. Chatbots we build evacuates intricacy and focuses more on providing a supreme conversational experience to your customer. To revolutionize the way businesses look in, our developers ensure the training of high-quality data set to give the most suitable answers to the users.

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In spite of being a contemporary technology, Chatbot services have been integrated very well with the day to day life. The chatbot services that we provide can be easily trained on your own. The bot can be integrated easily into any software application and on any third party applications like Facebook Chatbot Messenger, Skype, Slack, Google Home, Zendesk, Amazon Echo, etc. Our team crafts the Smart bot that has adaptability, flexibility, intelligence, and analytic capabilities as its core traits. Our Chatbot development services facilitate the report generator and bot tracker to monitor and improve the bot performance. We have implemented this variant solution on wide sectors say e-commerce, healthcare, customer support and so on.


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IBM Watson as a Service

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AI and a Cognitive computing system would approach a data-intensive task differently. Cognitive computing assists humans to take a smarter decision. On the other hand AI is based on the idea that machines can make a better decision on the human’s behalf. The Applications for Watson's underlying cognitive computing technology are almost endless. Hence we have deployed the IBM Watson into services as it responds immediately, stays open up to 24/7, keeps conventional, and reduces cost.

We integrate diverse conversation technology into your application.

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In the first place, Watson has made employee free from doing a repetitive task. Hence with the insights from Watson, one can predict and shape future business outcomes. Some of the services we integrate with applications, in particular, are Watson OpenScale, Watson Assistant, Watson Discovery, Compare & Comply, Watson Machine Learning, Watson Catalog, Watson Studio, Knowledge Translator, Natural Language Classifier and few more.

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Clever automates customer service with a first-line chatbot that provides immediate assistance to customers at any time of the day. Generally, the customer raises questions at any instance of the day. These questions found on the FAQ page or can be easily be solved without the intervention of a person. A customer service bot first line automates the repetitive part of the work and helps customers with fast response. The chatbot service we provide is a supplement to the FAQ page and the customer service staff. The chatbot is present on different channels like Website, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Voice Assistants that supports 24 on 24 and 7 on 7.

AI Chatbot

AI chatbot development services are to handle the hybrid behaviour of chat services. Firstly, the Chatbot services we provide will engage the customer and later, when the customer feels to have a conversation with a resource person they can switch to live chat support to talk with the team. Also, we have integrated Zendesk for live chat support. When the live chat is not available the customer can leave an E-mail. A few other features which we have added to this project would display the chat history and analytics report of the chatbot, chat widget customization, embedding facebook messenger integration and so on.

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