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Seize the day and mark your presence in the flourishing NFT market by developing your NFTs from our reliable pre-engineered NFT development services. Get the best Non-Fungible token creation services for NFT marketplaces with built-in security & advanced functionalities.

Experience The Top-tier NFT Marketplace Development Services

The popularity of NFTs for digital assets has consequently increased the demand for curated NFT Marketplaces. From new startups to large enterprises, businesses today have started to look out for industry-specific NFT Marketplace development to enhance the business verticals. 

And if you are one among them who is looking out for a company in the worldwide NFT market, then you are in the right place with the Captains of the ship. Our custom-made, feature-rich NFT Marketplace will enable you to bring in an invincible revenue stream for your business. Being a top-graded NFT Marketplace development company, we assist you in developing an all-featured NFT Marketplace with an integrated smart contract that generates revenue on demand. 

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What Is Included In Our
NFT Development Services?

nft marketplace development
NFT Marketplace Development

Our experts with solid expertise in NFT Marketplace development & smart contracts ensure an intuitive & reliable NFT marketplace for personalized experiences. Users can create & trade  NFTs easily with our user-centric NFT marketplace platforms which enhances the trading experience.

white-label nft marketplace development
White-Label NFT Marketplace

Grab our ready-to-use white-label NFT marketplace solutions to build an exclusive NFT trading platform. We have a stack of white-label NFT platforms with prominent features like wallet integration, content management, and security. Utilize the advantages of the ready-to-deploy NFT platform for games, arts, sports, music & more.

nft smart contract development
NFT Smart Contract Development

We offer NFT smart contract development and audit services that establish the standards for carrying out secure and authenticated NFT Transactions. We also do consistent tests on the smart contracts to ensure that they operate as error-free contracts.

nft marketplace maintenance, support
NFT Marketplace Maintenance & Upgradation

As a leading NFT development company, we continuously monitor, maintain and offer support to ensure that your NFT marketplaces run smoothly. We also offer our clients post-launch support including ongoing management of third-party upgrades, new OS releases, and more.

Embark Your Journey With Use Cases Of NFT Marketplace Development Solutions

NFTs have numerous use cases across varied industries. Thus they can significantly enhance the revenue stream for different sectors such as:

Our Technological Competence In NFT Platform Development

At Calibraint, our developers are highly competitive in wallet Development and developing NFT platforms on various blockchains. Check out the gist of various blockchain technologies that we use to build exceptional marketplaces.

The Powerful Tech Stack Of Our NFT Platform Development

NFT Standards

ERC- 1155
TRC- 721
BEP – 721

Storage Platforms


Launch Your Own Custom NFT Marketplaces

Are you willing to build an NFT marketplace? This is the right place for you! Develop your own NFT Marketplace with the pioneer of the industry.

How Do We Shape Your
NFT Development Services?

nft-marketplace development process-tokenize assets
Define The Tokenizable Assets

Acquire deep guidance through the process of defining the type of assets that the users can tokenize on the NFT Marketplace.

nft-marketplace development process-tokenize assets-smart contract development integration
Smart Contract Development & Integration

We create reliable smart contracts that can integrate into the marketplace and fulfill the functionality requirements. After the integration process, we carry out a smart contract auditing to verify the functioning.

nft-marketplace development process-choosing the blockchain network
Choose The Blockchain Network & Tech Stack

Uprightly choose your blockchain network to build the NFT marketplace as our NFT platform development allows integration & customizations and helps you in choosing other tech stacks for the marketplace.

nft-marketplace development process-tokenize assets fix the user roles
Fix The User Roles And Permissions

The security and efficiency of the NFT platforms are highly determined by how you define the user roles, their accesses, and permissions that are managed for them. We will help you impeccably define the user’s roles and permissions that align with your business goals.

nft marketplace development process-token development
Token Development & Integration with the NFT Platform

A few NFT marketplaces may demand native tokens in order to purchase assets inside them. Hence, we create the native tokens and integrate them into the marketplace.

nft marketplace development process-QA
Quality Assurance & Debugging

Once the platform is ready for launch, we’ll perform a quality assurance check to review the entire functionality of the NFT Marketplace. We prioritize meticulous testing to guarantee that our NFT Marketplace Website Development provides a final platform that is free from bugs and unwanted shortfalls.

nft marketplace development process - release

And finally, your NFT trading platform is ready for launch. The professionally deployed and configured platform is ready to amuse your target audience with seamless functionality.

Prominent Features Of NFT Platform Development

NFT Platform Development
Wallet integration

It is of utmost importance to integrate either custodial or non-custodial wallets into NFT Marketplaces. We allow users to store, send, and manage cryptocurrencies by acquiring Wallet Development Services.

NFT Platform Development storefont

Every NFT Marketplace needs the Storefront, which provides all the details about the digital merchandise that the user purchases. Additionally, this feature also offers details on the owners, bids, and value history.

NFT Platform Development-filter option
Filter Option

Our NFT platform filters make it easy for consumers to navigate through the platform smoothly, especially when there are innumerable collectibles. This feature allows users to filter out the elements by category, payment method, selection or listing status.

NFT Platform Development-search

A perfect NFT Marketplace platform gives users access to information about a product at any time. All digital items, including music, photos, and videos, are ideally organized on our NFT trading platform.

NFT Platform Development-multicrypto exchange
Multi-crypto Exchange

The instant transaction is the feathered feature of multi-crypto exchange. Our custom NFT store can support all the multi-crypto exchanges, irrespective of the cryptocurrency tokens purchased and sold. 

NFT Platform Development-auctions & bids
Auctions & Bids

One of the most crucial features of NFT Marketplace is Auction. Our NFT marketplace offers bidders an easy-to-use bidding platform to buy an NFT. 

What Makes Calibraint The Best NFT Marketplace Development Company?

Calibraint is marked as the best NFT marketplace software development company, with a great team of developers who support in delivering premium NFT Marketplace solutions and first-class NFT development services. As an industry leader in NFT Marketplace development, we strive to provide a custom-tailored NFT Marketplace by taking advantage of the latest technological trends. Experience the future with our ground-breaking NFT Marketplace solutions and services.

best nft development company
Visionary Experts Of Blockchain

Our team of skilled blockchain developers has years of experience in delivering high-quality NFT development software development services.

nft development company - white label solutions
White label Solutions

Calibraint provides white-label NFT marketplace development services to help you achieve your business goals. 

nft development company-swift development process
Swift Development Process

With the help of agile methodology, our team promptly implements the process for NFT platform development to provide seamless and persistent NFT solutions.

nft development company-support
24*7 Support

Even after the launch, our company bestows you with 24*7 Technical Support for a smooth journey.

nft development company-end-to-end-solutions
End-to-End Solutions

Whether businesses or individuals, our clients are guaranteed full ownership of their digital assets with our end-to-end NFT development services.

nft development company - expertise in blockchain platforms
Expertise In Blockchain Platforms

Our NFT marketplace development company is experienced in working with a variety of blockchain platforms, including Ethereum, EOS, Stellar, Tezos, and more.

How Does Our NFT Marketplace Operate?

Calibraint has a simple process of creating, buying, and selling NFTs on Trading platforms. Here is our absolute workflow that is the same regardless of the blockchain platform built.

NFT Marketplace Development Services company
Creating NFTs

Choosing the Blockchain Platform

Integrating Wallet to the platform.

The file or media or art that needs to be converted into NFT is chosen

Information like particular traits or attributes for showing the uniqueness of your NFT is included.

Privacy setup that can be set to make the content available for viewing only to the purchasers.

After the privacy setup, the NFT is Created.

NFT Marketplace Development Services - selling nfts
Selling NFTs

Choose the item for sale from the collection.

Fix the price and sales condition on the pricing page through an auction or a fixed-price sale.

Set the royalties and choose the token to receive while selling the NFT.

Pay the fee to complete the process.

nft marketplace development services - buying nfts
Buying NFTs

The initial step in this process is selecting an NFT trading platform and downloading the appropriate wallet.

The required amount of Crypto coins should be present in the wallet.

Choose the desired item from the NFT marketplace and purchase it with the help of your wallet.

Looking For NFT Developers For Your Project?

Kick-start your long-term partnership with Calibraint right away & embark on your NFT journey with an NFT marketplace! Leverage our NFT marketplace development and Token development services to build your exceptionally secure, resilient, and functionality-rich solutions. 

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top nft marketplace development company

Frequently Asked Questions

The average cost for developing an NFT marketplace varies from $100-$500K. There are various factors that depend on the development of an NFT marketplace. You can speak with our experts for detailed pricing and estimates for your project.
4-6 Months
The average duration for the creation of an NFT Marketplace is 4-6 months. It may vary depending on the requirement, platform, and wallet of the Marketplace.
The majority of NFTs are created with the token ERC-721. However, there are also other standards available such as ERC-1155, ERC-223, ERC-998.
At a very high level, most NFTs are created on the EVM based blockchains. We develop NFTs on EVM based blockchains and also on other blockchains.
  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • Binance
  • Kadena
  • Algorand
  • Solana

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