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10 June 2021

in game assets



in game asset requirement


Blockchain technology in gaming is driven by non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and digital assets that represent in-game content. As a growing game development company, the client looked forward to making users feel classic games in a refreshed way that goes along with the current trends. To integrate the current trends by utilizing the latest blockchain technology, the client wanted to optimize the architecture and integrate new functionalities from scratch.

in game asset requirements
challenge in integrating
challenges in integrating


The client tried to develop and integrate blockchain-based in-game assets within their game using their own development team. However, the client was facing hard time challenges in integrating it into one of their games with a solution that addressed high gas fees, seamlessly integrated in-game assets with less modification and had space for further upcoming features of the game.

our result with token bridging solution


Calibraint was extraordinarily able to put forward a Token Bridging solution that significantly increased the speed of the in-game transactions, increased the player’s leveling up and claiming the reward, increased the player’s page view of the NFT marketplace and notably reduced the transaction fee.

our result with token bridging

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