Our passion for this high-end unrivalled technology inspired us to explore and experience the wider play applications of distributed ledger system. We offer you a reliable blockchain solution to scale up and empower the most secure and advance business operations. Our Blockchain services deliver flawless solutions to your business capabilities yielding comprehensive competence.

Calibraint's blockchain experts showcase their expertise in building an interoperable digital and distributed ledger solutions for a way secured transactions. Our Team strongly helps you to apply this pioneering technology to drive your undeniable transformation into the future.

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions
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Empowering blockchain innovation

In this digitalized environment to sustain in the market, one should be open to new technology. We stay ahead when it comes to blockchain development services. Our blockchain services aid the businesses to eradicate open-source issues by deploying hyper ledger solutions. Calibraint over the last few years of trade has successfully executed seamless projects across the globe. Our projects govern Real Estate, Financial Aids, Recruitment, Art and, so on. Hence, build custom smart contract-based decentralized applications on various blockchain networks with us.


Reason For Employing Blockchain Technology

Reduce Data Storage Cost

Speed Transaction

Avoids Duplication of Data

High Computing Power

Reduce Risk

High Data Security

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions


Wallet Development

Exchange Software

Decentralised Exchange Software

Custom Blockchain Services


We provide a complete solution to launch an ICO campaign. Our ICO development process includes the following:

Smart Contract

Token Creation

Smart Contract Auditing

White Paper Creation

ICO Management Portal

Token Distribution

Wallet Development

We can create ICOs on Ethereum and NEO platforms. Moreover, we have a proven track record of successful ICO campaigns and have a deeper insight into the approach of conducting an ICO to be successful.

Our Blockchain Services & Projects

An intercontinental online marketplace making enterprises to connect with the community who work within the social media space. Krios endorses the growth of authorized employment within the world of social media. Businesses are allowed to build their own campaigns and monitor their headway until completion. This is directly viewable in the Krios Platform. Also, the Krios network has an affiliates and endorsers column which helps in matching businesses with their perfect endorser examining social media outlets, reach, demographics, and more.

One of our blockchain services includes LaborCrypto, it is a peer to peer freelance platform that connects consumers and freelancers. In the first place, we empower our community with global opportunity, inclusion and share the revenues of the company with all active consumers. LaborCrypto further disrupts the freelance economy using emerging technology to solve all of the problems. Using Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in a peer to peer model eliminates the middleman fees, makes payments immediate, provides inclusion for unbanked people and also shares revenue with all active consumers and freelancers.

ArtChain.info identifies the original artist of the art posted in the gallery. In particular, the complete process uses bitcoin payment. Based on the Bitcoin payment transaction history, we developed an algorithm that can help easily to timestamp and find the current owner and the Chain of Ownership. In this enterprise blockchain solutions, anybody can buy and sell as we have used an algorithm called “CoO - Chain Of Ownership”

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