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ecommerce pricing automation model case study



ecommerce with pricing automation

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18 December 2018

ecommerce pricing strategy & automation


Automation Testing

client requirement for ecommerce pricing automation


E-commerce businesses are developing their customer centricity to the point that they are becoming a part of people’s everyday life. Integrating intelligent elements to increase responsiveness and engagement with customers has improved the overall online shopping experience. The Ecommerce Vendor looked forward to continuous development and handling of the live customer issues on the production to improve the overall experience.

client requirement for pricing automation
challenges of pricing automation
challenges of ecommerce pricing automation


E-commerce is a platform that deals with a lot of Pricing related calculations in terms of order processing. It’s a bit tricky and complicated when a new set of features goes in for a release each time. Having to perform Pricing calculations each time for N number of scenarios during pre and post releases is very difficult if one tends to proceed only with Manual Testing.

automating the smoke and regression Tests


As Regression and Smoke Testing is very important during Production Releases, Calibraint was extraordinarily able to come up with an idea of automating the Smoke and Regression Tests. Additionally by automating the smoke and regression tests, one can run those tests each time to make sure that production deployment does not create new customer-centric issues. In short, investing in a good demand forecasting system opens the door for new opportunities.

automating the smoke and regression Test

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