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Article on Artificial Intelligence’s Future




August 2, 2019

“If You Read One Article About Artificial Intelligence’s Future Read this One!”

Innovation has always started off with fear and uncertainty. Artificial intelligence is no more an illusion that we read in the book or the movie we watch. Advanced Artificial Intelligence has created a big impact on almost all sectors. In short, AI is a computer that can analyze the given data and produce a response. Since after seeing the AI’s contribution to the digital work one can easily see what AI is going to bring it to us in the near future. 

Impact of AI in Industries

Every day we create an enormous amount of data. It becomes impossible for the Human to go through it. There comes the evolution of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has almost touched all industries. Few are Call Centre, Software Development, Healthcare, Agriculture, Robotics, Marketing and more.

Future of IT Sector

To work in particular, 24/7 without getting tired, depressed, holidays and vacation are impossible for a human. Hence, complete automation will rule the IT sector in the upcoming years. Unlike in the movies, it’s not a robot that comes when we think about AI, it’s the system and software development that is programmed to help the user. 

Customer Service

Always Customer has a problem with Customer Service operators. With the advancement in Artificial Intelligence, it is estimated 80% of the Customer Service sector will be replaced by AI chatbots. Hence AI, the automated text chats with customers and the natural language processing which creates reactionary chatbots that mimic human speech patterns to provide service instantly. This particular module has created an efficient economic impression.


Artificial Intelligence

Finance and Banking sector

Finance and Banking sector started using predictive analysis to target their customers. The first rule of marketing is “Target the right audience at the right time”. To achieve this, industries should be able to access the enormous data which includes customer’s activity. The target we do while calling someone for a credit card who doesn’t want and calling someone who wants makes a big difference. To achieve the marketing mantra AI will be playing a huge role in the future.


AI along with few sensors, radar and GPS framework has made the agriculture sector stay ahead than before. Artificial Intelligence employees a few applications in the field of agriculture ranging from rural automation, facial recognition, computerized water system frameworks. In the future, the impact of AI in agriculture will be for monitoring soil & crop, prediction of weather, agriculture robotics and many more. Since the weather is the most important factor of agriculture predictive analysis will bring revolutionary changes.


Chatbots integrated with Facebook has helped many e-commerce industries to improve sales. Many e-commerce websites started having their own chatbots to interact with customers. These chatbots initiate the conversation with customers and take the conversation so lively. A survey says that customer expects personalization from the seller. For the online business that has more engagement has started employing eCommerce chatbot for personalization.
Above are the top 5 industry that has taken a paradigm shift towards AI. It’s high time to realize that the future is going to be completely in the hands of Artificial Intelligence. In spite of being a concurrent technology, Calibraint has deployed it excellently on numerous projects.