Android 11 Features: The Changes To Catch On

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Android 11 Features

Android 11 Features: Know The New In The Roll Out

After months of several beta updates, Android 11 is finally featuring out on platforms. The update is rolling out to be a worthwhile release. As usual, the latest version of Google's mobile operating system has brought in a bundle of new Android 11 Features to play around with. Now, let's find out the coolest Android 11 features and the best reasons to consider upgrading.

The Fine Features Of Android 11

Built-In Screen Recorder

- No more in need of third party apps for screen recordings, as it is natively available with Android 11. Android 11 wishes to make recording calls, audios, or videos from your phone as easy as possible.

- To enable the new screen recorder tool to appear in the quick settings panel, you may first need to edit the settings and add it to the top menu slider.

- It records content on your device including the audio from your mic, device, or both, and limits the need of having to install a separate app.

- On enabling record audio if you want to customize, then use the dropdown menu to pick whether it records from your microphone, your device audio, or both. Turn on 'show touches' on the screen if you want to display labels wherever you touch.

- A red dot on the status bar at the top of the screen lets you know that the recording is in progress and it allows you to stop it at any time. 

Android 11 Features

Separate Message Notifications

- This update in Android 11 stands out as it now notifies your conversations separate from your other notifications.

- Earlier there could have been times where you miss an important text message conversation mixed up with a dozen unimportant alerts. Google now gives them priority near the top of your notifications shade.

- Conversations now appear at the top of your notification shade in a new Conversations section whether from your SMS app, chat apps like WhatsApp, or direct messages on social media apps.

- You also get to mark certain conversations as a priority (Press and hold on a conversation notification and choose a new Priority option). 

- Making it a high priority,  allows notifications to come through even if you’ve otherwise muted notifications.  In a way, Android 11 helps to keep track of your conversations with ease.

Android 11 Features

Bubbles For Conversations

- This update of Android 11 Features certainly revolutionizes notifications and makes messaging simpler with it’s ‘Bubbles'. 

- For example, on using the Facebook Messenger in Android, we probably notice the "Chat Heads" feature that pops little icons that float around your screen and enables the access within any app.

- Android 11 brings them to all chat apps and takes the notifications a step ahead. On tapping the bubble it opens the conversation in a smaller window so you can reply without leaving the current app. On re-tapping the bubble it collapses back.

- Also, you can choose the apps for which you would like to have a bubble and restrict the rest. 

Android 11 Features

Smart Home Controls

- Considering the widespread of smart home devices and the managing of multiple smart devices in our home, Google has coined a solution in Android 11 Features, to make their access easier.

- Android 11 puts the underutilized power menu to use with shortcuts to any smart home device that is connected to your phone.

- Simply long-press on the power button and you’ll see controls for all the smart lights, locks, thermostats, and whatever smart devices you may have in your home. 

- Thus you can access multiple controls for all your smart gadgets right from the power button menu.

Privacy With Permissions

- Android permissions play an important role as they limit and control the app access over our privacy. Now, in Android 11 Google has started to take privacy a little more seriously. 

- It allows users to provide apps with one-time access to certain features like your camera or microphone with its extraordinary Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm technique.

- Selecting the "Only This Time Option" allows apps to use the permission only until you close it. Once you close the app, it can't use that permission again without asking. 

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Finally, the new Android 11 Features provides easier ways to help you manage your connected devices, privacy, conversations, and much more. The most important update that Android 11 brings to your phone over Android 10 is a dedicated space for conversations. Also, the latest Android version adds new privacy-focused changes and a lot of small improvements that help in our daily routine. To check for the latest version head to Settings > System > Advanced > System update.

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