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The Benefits Of Using React Js – A Deep Study




March 18, 2020

Last updated: September 4, 2023

React JS Use Cases

Benefits Of Using React Js – A Closer Look

The open-source JavaScript Library React Js is essentially used to create user interfaces of single-page applications.  The creator of React, Jordan Walke has a history of being one of the software engineers who worked for Facebook. Firstly, he released an early prototype of React called “FaxJS”.  The purpose of the creation was to come up with a JavaScript library that helps to create reusable UI components. Reactjs is a part of all software product development company that wants to create user-friendly UIs.

Importance Of Having A Web Application For Business

For every B2B, B2C & C2C business having a social identity is one such nerve that forms the base for running a successful organization. The highly competitive marketplace demands exceptional trade benefits of react to be offered instantly for its users. Adding to it, the fast-growing internet users have become key reasons for businesses to land in web application development.

– Reaching out to the more specific customer.

– High level of transparency with customers.

– Notifying them on the new arrivals and happenings.

– 24/7 Availability & Accessibility.

– Ease integration of Chatbot providing customer support,

– Having a web application widens your brand visibility.

– Satisfying all end need; highly customized medium.


The lightweight and sophisticated JS libraries have elevated the growth of web applications ever since 2010. As the end-users are provided with a wide range of choices it has now become easy for them to pick the most appropriate one of their choice.

Here, predominantly the choices are made out based on the user-friendliness and reliability of the application. Thus deciding the appropriate framework becomes a challenging task from a business point of view.

In that order, React Js benefits now stays as a vivid choice for the organizations undertaking online & web-based business. With delivering a great user interface (UI) React Js advantages makes good remarks among varied frameworks.

Changing the tradition of HTML and JavaScript mix up, React makes way for the businesses to optimize faster web performance such as SEO friendliness code reusability by combining the two technologies. Let’s take a deep look at the benefits of using React Js in the application.

benefits of using react js

Benefits of Using React Js – Developer Perceptions

Simple & Ease

In any case, if you have ever worked with the advantages of React Js then you might have known that working with this JS Library is very simple. It is termed to be simple as it helps both a new bee and someone with adequate knowledge to have ease of start.

Saying so, anyone who possesses a basic knowledge of React Js benefits would be able to build a web application quickly. Easy to learn and easy to apply has made React Js benefits gain so much attention over a short period of time.

On the other hand, if any new booming technology is hard to learn it would have become difficult for the developers in the organization to adapt to the technology or switch to it. Hence easy adaption, simple implementation remains a key aspect among the benefits of React Js development.

Reusable Component

One of the major benefits of using React Js for the developers is that they are reusable. Code reusability i.e; developer gets benefitted by re-utilizing the components that were used for developing some other application.

React uses the advance and simple form of JSX which makes the outcome highly reliable and effective. Another benefit of using JSX is that its code compilation is quicker and optimization is faster. React is preferred over Javascript because by using JSX, you would be able to use the combination of XML/HTML and React Code.

JSX helps in writing down customized components, making high-end applications and converting  HTML mockups into ReactElement.

Virtual DOM

Generally, developers face lots of confusion & errors when they try to make changes in a single component on an existing web application. This is because a change applied to a single component gets reflected on all the other components as they lay in a tree structure.

Doing so can lead to issues like compilation error or fall in the performance of some components by altering another element. Owing to this case using React Js benefits with the help of VDOM cuts down the problem whenever the changes are made in web application.

The benefits of React Js development in this scenario are that any small change to a component can be seen and reviewed in the preview of VDOM. Thereby the algorithm in VDOM allows the accurately functioning and modified component to be moved into the real DOM.

Here, the fast rendering is possible because VDOM works in layers and whenever the changes are carried out it is being applied eventually to all the layers. This, in turn, gives out a minimum update time in real DOM resulting in high performance and great user experience in wholesome.

SEO Friendliness

For a business, Web’s SEO friendliness is the most important necessitate to progress well in Google ranking. Designing & Developing an SEO friendly website is the initial step to boost your ranking in the search engine result page.

Moz (a leading platform used to check the web domain authority) conveys the fact that fast page loading and quick rendering speed helps the website to rank on Google. This is quite difficult with JavaScript frameworks, React JS overcomes this problem by allowing developers to build a User Interface which is highly responsive in various search engines.

Handy Tools

The handy set of tools forms one of the major benefits of using React JS. The buzz for this Javascript libraries is due to the presence of this handy set of tools that makes the task simple for developers. Here, the React Developer Tools have been designed for Chrome & Firefox dev extension.

The toolset makes the journey with React JS benefits more simple & ease. The developed web application can be converted into an Android & iOS application easily using React Native library offered by React JS.

 What Are The Skills Needed For The Best React JS Developer?

The hard skills required for choosing a React JS Developer would be, HTML, CSS, knowledge on JS, Node &  NPM, JavaScript Fundamentals & ES6, Redux and many more.

React And Angular JS Across Industries

What Are The Benefits Of Using React Over Angular?

Angular & React both are open-source front-end JavaScript frameworks and libraries. React allows one-way data binding and supports Virtual Document Object Model.

In React all dependencies can be handled using Browserify and the ordering is apparent. This stays a clear takeover as Angular dependencies are loaded in order which again has to be handled separately.

Note: Angular is helpful for building an application from scratch while React will be helpful for scaling up existing application.

Why Calibraint For React JS Development?

Calibraint leverages the benefits of using React JS for creating the most complex and challenging interactive UI. We focus on delivering a highly scalable, fast & simplified iterative user interface to the end-user.

We deliver a flexible goal-specific React JS solution that seamlessly handles the data updates and synchronizes without page reloading.

– 100+ employees cordially working on agile methodologies.

– Future Insights, Digital Strategies, Inimitable Delivery,

– Delivering customized solution economically.

– Strong Clientele across the globe.

To Conclude

React JS acts as a blessing for the developers to build highly engaging apps with responsive UI within a short span of time. It allows us to break complex components and create single-page applications with less coding.

However, getting into React is easy but to master in it is difficult. Hence to transform the value-added ideas to full-fledged products it is important for the businesses to hire professional React Developers. Hope this article delivered an overall insight on the advantages of using React JS for application.

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