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Forget Native Apps, Enter React PWAs: A Deep Dive for Business Owners




February 10, 2024

Last updated: February 12, 2024

how to build a progressive web app with react

PWAs are no longer a futuristic fantasy; they’re a present-day reality, transforming how businesses connect with their audience. Stats back this up as several reports suggest increased conversions and user engagement with PWAs over traditional websites. And let’s not forget the search engine love – PWAs get indexed and appear in app store listings, expanding your discoverability tenfold.

So, you’re sold on the PWA dream. But where do you begin, especially if React is your language of choice? Fear not, this comprehensive guide delves into the technical nooks and corners of building progressive web apps with React, empowering you to weave a captivating experience for your customers like never before.

Stats Don’t Lie

Hold on, before we dive into the technical jargon, let’s talk about results. PWAs are more than just a trendy buzzword; they’re backed by impressive statistics:

  • Studies conducted among eCommerce decision-makers show that 9% of eCommerce companies had intentions to invest in PWAs in 2021. That’s more brands making use of the opportunities to convert.
  • Furthermore, more than 8% of the brands in the European and North American markets have already implemented it and are planning to upgrade it. 
  • An analysis conducted by Emergen Research has suggested that the global market for PWAs was $1.13 billion and is projected to reach a value of $10.44 billion by 2027. 

Technical Essentials required to build a Progressive Web App with React

Now, let’s move on to the nitty-gritty. Building a progressive web apps with React involves some key technical ingredients, such as –

Project Setup:

Think of this as gathering your magical ingredients. Start by using Create React App (CRA) with the –template cra-template-pwa flag to ensure that you get instant service worker support! Remember, powerful metals often require additional tools, so consider libraries like Workbox for caching and Workbox-InjectManifest for automated manifest generation.

Service Worker:

This intercepts network requests and controls how your progressive web apps with React behave. It holds the key to offline functionality and lightning-fast performance. Craft caching strategies with care, ensuring essential resources like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are always at your fingertips, even when the internet connection falters.

And don’t forget background sync – a failsafe that sends data to the server even when offline, ensuring no spell ever fizzles incomplete.

Web App Manifest:

A unique icon of your PWA in app stores and on home screens will be helpful to easily identify it. That’s the Web App Manifest (manifest.json), and it needs your creative touch.

Define your PWA’s name, icon, and display mode, remembering that high-resolution icons and splash screens are essential for casting a truly mesmerizing first impression.

Offline Experience:

What happens when the internet connection flickers and dies? Don’t let your users be plunged into darkness!

Design informative fallback pages that act as guiding lights, and consider features that can be used even without an internet connection, like browsing cached content or limited data entry. Remember, a seamless offline experience is the cornerstone of a truly captivating PWA.

Performance Optimization:

Speed helps you win the race and well-built progressive web apps with React are no exception. Push the code-splitting techniques to break down your application into smaller chunks, ensuring users don’t have to wait an eternity for the entire app to load. Optimize your images, for even the most mesmerizing visuals, can weigh down your PWA.

And lastly, employ lazy loading, a technique that loads components only when needed, keeping your app nimble and responsive.

Beyond the Basics

Apart from the basics, you should consider these features for your strategically built progressive web apps with React, more intuitive, immersive, and beneficial

Push Notifications:

They help to keep users engaged and informed with timely updates sent directly to their devices.

Authentication and Security:

Protect user data and ensure a secure experience with robust authentication measures to gain user trust.


Make your PWA inclusive for everyone by following accessibility best practices in the market.

How Calibraint can help you with building Progressive Web Apps?

Building a high-performing PWA requires technical expertise in various areas. Calibraint can be your co-pilot on this journey as our team of React and PWA experts can help you to:

  • Navigate the technical complexities with ease. 
  • Craft a user-centric design that keeps users glued to your app. 
  • Implement effective caching strategies for an unbeatable offline experience. 
  • Ensure your PWA adheres to best practices and security standards. 

And if the technical complexities seem daunting, fret not, you can partner with our experienced web development team. From crafting user-centric designs to implementing effective caching strategies, we’ll ensure your PWA casts a spellbinding experience on your users. 

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23 Dec 2023

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