You are losing money by not using Chatbots for Healthcare Industries!

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Warning: You are losing money by not using Chatbots for Healthcare Industries!

The only industry which never hesitates for revolution is the healthcare sector. Research scholars and Doctors work hard to bring the miracle in medicine while the advance technology brings revolution by the way how the Doctor and the Patient can have ease communication. The digital virtual assistant or AI chatbots are not meant to diagnose the patient but it is designed to assist them.  

In particular, the healthcare industry cannot afford a single loss with time delay. “The time delay is a sin.” Chatbots helps to cut down this major drawback in the health care sector.

Chatbot engagement

The impact of chatbots in healthcare industry falls into three major engagement.

  • Patient Engagement

  • Provider Engagement

  • Facility operation

Patient Engagement

This is the place where an organization can be easily scored. The patient always expects a short waiting time, if one can fulfill their this desire then they are more likely to give a high rating.  The health agent called as AI Chatbots provide 24/7 patient engagement and the roles of these chatbots include:

  • Chatbots helps in fixing an appointment and regular follow up.

  • Since its 24/7 available it's called for emergency support.

  • Handling the records; history of the patient

  • Provide a solution to health queries.

  • Look up for the medical condition includes condition, causes, symptoms.

  • Voice-activated voice assistant

  • Sending a reminder to the patient for medicine consumption

Provider Engagement

This most importantly helps in providing the required information.

  • Patient information

  • Clinician medication and information upload

  • Medical learning assistants

Facility operation

Few other facilities chatbots provide in healthcare are,

  • Integrating chatbots to backend billing and registrations, invoice generation for healthcare providers.

  • Bots also help in brand awareness - educating prospects and generating new leads.

  • Also, helps in the sales of new health insurance policies. Few leading Healthcare chatbots and their functions are as follows,

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Babylon Health

Babylon Health provides AI solution by analyzing the medical history of the patient. Also, it provides live video consultation with real Doctors.


Izzy takes care of user’s periods. It takes care of menstrual and sexual problems in particular. Also, it throws reminder of user’s period and good companion at the difficult times for many women.


Safedrugbot, in the first place, was made with the intention to help Health Professional and the Doctors. It’s a chat messaging service that helps the health professional to be aware of the drugs to be provided during Breastfeeding.  

Buoy Health

This chatbot interacts with user gather the medical condition and provides the best relevant solution to take in particular.


Here, the name of the Chatbot is “Eva”. Firstly, Eva was designed to help young girls by solving menstrual and sexual issues later with the update Eva now targets a large audience, it can chat on a wide range of health issues.

“To conclude, the above-listed chatbots are just an insight to know where the healthcare industry is focal. It is evident that patient engagement plays a seamless role in Healthcare sector. An efficient engagement will enhance this industry. This article in the first place is a reminder call for those organizations who haven’t opted for Chatbot change and, to sustain successfully one should be able to adapt the change.”

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