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Strike Right & Progress Well With Emerging Software Trends




October 16, 2019

Emerging Software Trends 

As time flows inventions and innovations evolve at a consistent rate heading towards advanced living. Getting adapted and aligned to the evolutions uncovers the next advancements to be worked on to achieve the complete use and comforts. The software industry is nowhere out of the cycle of evolution. There is always constantly changing and emerging software trends in the software industry. Professionals and companies always try to stay up to date with emerging software trends and techs.

The wide play of emerging software trends

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Evidently, artificial intelligence tops the emerging software trends.  It is because AI with modern technology is powerful enough to make vibrant real-time tools. Specifically, through AI methods like deep learning and neural networks, developers have found AI to be the most viable amidst the other emerging software trends. The algorithms, big data, and real-time tools draw the fascinating future of AI technology. Besides AI has been remarkably stepped in from retail to healthcare and more as a future of software development. AI can take full advantage of APIs and user interfaces, create tools that behave natively with high performance.

Cross-Platform Development 

Cross-platform development, which is developing applications that work nearly on every mobile and desktop platform is a recently evolved trend from single platform-oriented development. Earlier the application development starts from choosing the platform (iOS or Android), building the initial app for that platform, and creating another version for a different platform. In this method, the software developers had to devote resources to porting code between each operating system. Now, among the emerging software trends, cross-platform development tools make the life of developers easier and fast-paced. Software developers can write applications that work on nearly every major desktop and mobile platform with development environments like Microsoft’s Xamarin or Google’s Flutter.


Blockchain is one of the latest emerging software trends, that software developers are finding interesting and innovative ways to implement it. Blockchain-based apps i.e. the distributed apps, are emerging as a popular option for developers looking to create secure and decentralized open-source solutions. Blockchain is strongly poised to have a greater effect on the future of development with its own cryptocurrency revolution – bitcoin. The best about blockchain is that it can store any record in a safe and secured public-facing database. This is also remarkable amidst the Latest Software Development Trends.

emerging software trends

Progressive Web Apps

The walk-in of progressive web applications takes up the flexible space between performance and availability by providing an app-like experience in the browser.  Earlier web applications found it hard in taking advantage of platform-specific hardware to reach high performance. This was made possible by the emergence of progressive web apps which was one of the important emerging software trends. This software trend makes it easy to create powerful web-based tools that can run on any platform. Companies like Google and Adobe are already committed to progressive web app development as they signify a new era of web development technologies.

Low-Code Development

The emerging software trends have paved the way for many advancements and advantages. Among which the software industry trend of low-code development changes that equation by making applications coding easy through graphical user interfaces instead of complex programming languages. The drag-and-drop interface feature helps to visualize applications even before programming. This low code development is especially popular for business applications as it is time and cost-efficient.


In the software industry the emerging software trends, development methods, and customer preferences become the key factors that streamline the industry focus. A great way to own a potentially productive software development industry is to stay on-date with emerging software trends.  Calibraint in a way aids you to own the potential productive products involving the latest software development trends.