The Alarming Future Of Voice Technology – Where Are We Headed?




November 5, 2020

Last updated: March 20, 2024

future of voice technology

“Say Hello To The Future”

The Advent Of Voice-First Computing: An Introduction

Voice assistants are the best contemporary technological advancement in consumer electronics that are making their way into people’s lives. The future of voice technology illustrates the tremendous progress of artificial intelligence and they stand in stark contrast to popular film conceptions of the benefits of voice technology.

With every tech juggernaut, such as Amazon and Apple, offering their own voice assistants, the odds are stacked in favor of these voice computing devices becoming increasingly prevalent in everyday life.

However, the real challenge of any innovation lies in its ability to resolve a set of logical functions. And over the years like any other innovation, voice first technology has also made its effective remark. It is however certain that, in any consumer-facing technology, there always prevails a gap between the vision of the makers and the perception of the market.

Hence considering this perception, the future of voice recognition technology definitely makes a significant bridging.

Without a doubt, the user desire is indeed the driving force behind the shift to AI, the future voice technology. Nevertheless, millennial customers are demonstrating a higher degree of comfort and critical thinking, as we live in an ever-evolving digital realm where convenience, efficiency, and speed are always being improved.

Voice Combined With AI

Speech recognition is a computing technology technique that uses specialized custom software development processes and systems to recognize, distinguish, and authenticate the voice of a particular speaker. Today, voice technology has come a long way from having to pronounce every single syllable to even understanding the humming sound of a speaker. 

Having said that, let’s take a peek into the future of voice technology to see what all are the benefits of AI voice technology: 

  • Generally creating a human-like technology involves understanding, expressing, and conversing in a human-like form for which AI is more of a necessity than a mere requirement.
  • They also have the ability to generate a flow of intellectual content just like the way we act and react in day-to-day life. Having been considered as the motive and source of intelligence, AI’s “general intelligence” paves the way beyond the statistical approach of the benefits of machine learning.
  • As technology is becoming a part of our culture, there is a constant demand for everything to be done quicker, faster, and more efficiently. For example, the combination of AI and voice searches works extremely well in places where users get to enjoy a seamless shopping experience. 

voice first technology

Voice Combined With IoT

The ultimate aim of the development of the Internet of Things and smart home technology is to allow every household object to be controlled through voice capabilities. According to Amazon, tens of millions of homes across the world are on the track of using their supply chains and smart doorbell maker rings. Admirably, Voice tech with IoT is rooting to own a sizable stake in the connected homes to meet all the immediate requirements right on time. 

Exhibiting an eye-opening array of appliances like echo speakers, fire tablets, TVs, smartphones, and tablets certainly feels like we are well and truly into a brand-new digital age: the age of voice-first computing.

Voice Tech Combined With Workplace

The voice-activated technologies in combination with the IoT devices without a doubt create a smart office and transform how everything around the office space works. For instance, the basic facts check about office devices, including location, service status, the users, etc, can be done through voice interaction with the help of intelligent devices like smart speakers. Also, the voice tech in the workplace enables employees to multitask with voice-enabled devices and focus on more complex projects that require human interaction.

“Voice applications, done well can create new experiences that both delight users and dramatically improve productivity and customer loyalty,” said Ashley Stirrup, CMO of Algolia.

advantages of voice assistants

The New Opportunities And Challenges

Despite the voice tech innovations being an early adoption, people are now well acknowledged of how to use the benefits of voice technology themselves. Nevertheless, consumers today plan to effectively use more voice-based technologies and it is assumed that by 2025, voice-based technology will meet all needs of humans even better as its design continues to develop further.

Also, with massive cultural and economic shifts occurring this year, there lie high chances of personal and professional tech transformations opening up an arena of new opportunities. Leveraging voice tech aids to strengthen contactless interactions and reduce contact with high-traffic surfaces benefiting brands to engage with their consumers safely. Well, organizations that embrace these changes are likely to see positive results in the future of voice technology as they rebound from the pandemic.

Voice-Enabled Technology Benefits

Speech, being a natural interface for many of the recent programs, indeed plays a vital role in the day-to-day life of every individual. Hence it is significant to know the contributions of speech recognition technology as a rising number of organizations are implementing speech recognition technology to improve customer service efficiency and accuracy.

Let us now explore some of the most common applications of voice recognition technology:

Controlling Digital Devices

Digital assistants like Siri, Alexa or Google assistance boost marketing by deeply personalizing processes and offering enhanced customer insights to marketers. The advantages of voice assistants not just improve the customer experience, but also perform various voice-driven activities like helping in upselling and cross-selling to the audience while making the whole experience exclusive.

Digital personal assistants are a great example of speech recognition technology that gets enabled by signal processing. Well, isn’t it just incredible to know how computers use machine learning services to understand the user better over time through experience? 

future of voice recognition technology

Robots At Desk

Getting the robots into play stands as an exceptional benefit of speech technology, especially since the increasing amount of robot deployment elevates the use of speech technology, in the roles once performed by humans. For instance, robots that are employed to perform initial job interviews tend to interpret and be conversational which in turn requires speech recognition technology. 

Aiding Medically

Screen readers and text-to-speech dictation systems bring a helping hand to all the visually and hearing impaired thereby offering an instant medical aid. Nevertheless, converting audio into text acts as an effective communication tool for many divyang out there.

Let Go of The Language Barrier

A voice bot’s portfolio can include various languages and because of this bilingual functionality, client interaction is not limited by language. This enables organizations to sell their products to a wider audience while also resolving other difficulties. The improved customer experience comes with a slew of other advantages, like enhanced brand exposure and improved consumer perception.

Boosts Marketing Efforts

Voice AI technology has the potential to be transformative in a business that is heavily focused on sales and requires rapid lead creation and integration. It can assist you in planning campaigns, analyzing techniques, and gaining a better understanding of your target population.

The benefits of AI voice technology helps every marketing process thrive in two ways. To begin with, for most consumers, smart speech bots are relatively a new technology. This piques their attention, which can then be translated into a purchase. Additionally, businesses, particularly those in the eCommerce sector, acquire a large amount of data including useful information and insights. This information can be easily assimilated by an AI speech bot. 

The Future Of Voice Technology and Conversational AI

Every unexplored opportunity comes with a ticking clock to seize it before it loses its competitive edge. Artificial Intelligence Voice First Technology is unquestionably the next big thing! Businesses are adopting chatbot trends and AI speech bots at a faster rate than ever before. When businesses integrate voice technologies into their infrastructures, they receive the complete package of better economics, efficiency, and productivity.

The evolution of conversational technologies and machine learning that powers their capabilities is certain to reach new heights in the near future. Parallelly, the future of voice recognition technology will continue to evolve from tool design to launch simple commands by interacting with a person through various objectives towards an expected outcome. The future of voice technology may be seen in your car’s dashboard, or as an inseparable element of your watch, phone or laptop and more. Behind all of these tech brain waves, there often hides a powerful processor, neural networks, and cloud-based machine learning APIs, that provide the true breakthroughs for these smart conversational devices.

The closer we get to natural interaction with a helpful human-sounding entity, the more it becomes like a normal part of everyday life. 

Frequently Asked Questions On The Future Of Voice Technology

What Is The Future Of Voice Assistants?

The voice assistants will streamline conversations, bring changes in search behaviors, personalize experiences, improve compatibility & integration, and will focus more on security measures in the near future. 

What Are Voice Technologies?

A conversational AI tool that receives and interprets orders using voice commands are known as voice technologies. Devices may communicate and react to human enquiries in natural language using this technology.

Is Voice Search The Future?

The voice search is here to stay! Not only because it’s adaptable across all devices but also gives out a fresh & modern vibe. According to estimates, around half of all Google searches are done via voice and hence the popularity of voice search is only going to increase in the future. 

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