Importance of Work Life Balance - Pay Attention Untill It's Too Late!

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Importance of work life balance

No Compromise on Work Life Balance

An employer's longevity in your organization solely depends on the work-life balance. An improper work-life balance adversely affects employee productivity, health, long run with the organization, and many more. The work-life balance which was once overstated has now drowned the massive attention from the employers as they found the importance of having a stable work environment depends on employees’ work-life balance.

In simple terms, work-life balance is a stable state where employees’ personal life shouldn’t get collapsed with professional work and vice versa. To stop the conflict between their work and personal roles, many organizations are adopting smart details. In this article, we have tried to pull out the importance of having a work-life balance and the different ways adopted in recent days.

Importance of Work Life Balance

Instead of just keeping a work-life balance mission statement in the corporate brochures, the organization must come forwards and adopt the changes. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and globalization have made a point clear that work is not restricted to the workplace. And, this indeed needs to have proper strategies while executing.

Let’s get into the importance of work-life balance with different phenomenons,

Mental Health

A perfect work-life balance makes the employee happy to return to the office every day which keeps the mental state stable. A happy mind and a happy workplace reduce stress and the chances of burnout.

When an employee continuously faces stress at the workplace, he/she might be subject to mental and physical health issues like depression, anxiety, insomnia, a chronic ache, hypertension, and many more.

When the organization helps to maintain the mental health of employees, there are fewer chances of losing the productivity of the employees.

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Generally, we all believe the one who stays for long hours in office is a potential employee, the productivity doesn’t depend on the time one stays in office premises.

A few surveys depict that the one who has balanced work-life capabilities are highly potential than the one who doesn’t balance.

So when it comes to productivity, the importance of work-life balance is a substantial factor.


An employer not only looks for the employees who are dedicated to their work but also someone who is a rounded individual. Interest outside the work helps to improve the positive dimensions of an individual which in turn helps to create a healthy workplace.

We hope you got the answer to why an employer needs a hobby section in the employee’s resume.

We Live Once

We Live Only Once: The one who understands these words tries to figure out the indifferences and implement the importance of work-life balance. Staying unnecessary long hours are not going to give the memories that you love to cherish for the rest of your life. At the same time not concentrating on work or not delivering the work on time will collapse your finances leading to personal life damage.

Herein, work while you work and play while you play strategy need to be effectively followed.

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Steps to Improve the work-life balance

- Organizations need to be quite lenient in approving work from home and casual leaves to employees. The greater number of happy employees you have, the better your company appears to the customer.

- To achieve greatness in life, few try to be perfect right from their young age, it's quite easy to maintain that perfectionism as a kid, but once we grow up our life becomes complicated, and maintaining perfectionism between work and life can be a draining one. Puder-York says it's fine to let go of perfectionism to avoid burning out.

- Resilient people feel a greater sense of control over their lives,” says Brooks, our work is a never-ending one, at times it's better to off the mobile and enjoy the moment.

- Plan and Stay organized, it is so important to plan because we have so much to do at any given time. When you are organized,  a lot of interruptions that come into your day as phone calls, SMS, emails, and chat can be minimized.

- Relax and Unwind, leave work stress at work, and take out some ‘me time’ to de-stress yourself. Get the needed rest and spare time for your personal life.  

Wrapping Up

A decent amount of studies state that even a short-term boost in personal happiness can lead to greater productivity. Happy workers can stay motivated, engaged, and productive which reflects success in the workplace. Ultimately, work-life balance and flexible work options encourage you to plan and balance your life such that no area suffers.

The bottom line of all the above is that it's time to start finding autonomy, flexibility, and happiness in your life and work.

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