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Industries ready to enlist AI Messenger Chatbots




July 10, 2019

Bots onboarding Platforms

It’s identified that customer interaction seems to be prolonged when the medium of communication is via text. Businesses have understood the new trend, everyone is dedicatedly working towards the integration of messenger chatbots. Messenger chatbots will not only make your service easy apart from that it will help you to cut down your cost for human operators.

Users feel more comfortable when they interact with companies via social media. Messenger chatbots are integrated well with these social media.  

Facebook Messenger Bot

If you own a business page on Facebook, to create the brand and increase the sale then targeting your audience with Facebook Messenger chatbots will help you to achieve your goal. Customer prefers to chat in messenger in comparison with any other communication channel. When they land on your page, they will expect a pretty instant answer from your end for an inquiry, when they don’t get it, it’s highly possible for the company to lose a beneficial customer.

The Chatbots offer something that no other channel does and that is the ability to carry out a “Personal Conversation”. This simply means a chatbot has the potential to build a relationship with your customer.

How it can be helpful?

Assume a Facebook page where they provide online food delivery, and currently, the only way for your customer to order is via calls and messages. This will be an ideal one when the business is fresh but typically becomes a big headache when the Incharge receives 50-100 calls a day. Generally, people tend to lose grasp of everything else your business needs & hiring someone definitely has its challenges. Having messenger chatbots will definitely help one business to increase sales and create quality benefits.

Benefits of integrating Chatbots in Facebook Messenger

  • Can handle multiple customers at once
  • 24/7 service facility
  • Focus on the target audience
  • Ability to broadcast unlimited offers to your customers
  • Helps to show the previous record of the particular customer in seconds

Apart from the above-mentioned points, there are a few more major aspects as well they are,

High Open Rate

In comparison with emails, messengers have a better open rate. People tend to ignore emails whereas the interaction in messenger, has been increasing day by day. It destructs the waiting time by providing real-time solutions to the user’s queries in the first place.

Better Engagement

The main reason for businesses to get into social media is engagement with customers. Better engagement with the customer will help to boost sales up. Keeping the customer always engage with service will groom a healthy relationship in business.

Messenger Chatbots

Tracking Users Records

Chatbots are built with the intention to understand human behavior and provide data analysis about the customer. A chatbot brings customer insights like geolocation, device type, browser which helps in personalizing and targeting. Here, Chatbot marketing helps us to increase user engagement and acquire new customers. Businesses can take a strategic decision based on the analytics derived by bots. To conclude, analytics will provide a complete picture of their customers.

Few Industries employing Facebook Messenger Chatbots for Business

Retail Industry: Textile, Grocery, Gift shops, Jewellery Shops

Food, Beverage & Entertainment: Restaurant, Coffee Shops, Bars, Theater, Zoos Amusement Parks.

Education Sector: e-learning modes, Professional Talks, online courses, School & College promotions.

Fashion & Style: Accessories, Salons, Shoes & Sandals.

The customer-centric approach seems to have a positive effect on the CTR (click-through rate). Personalizing according to the specific customer, in particular, helps to aim the target audience. To conclude, differentiating the product service and information to increase sales and customer satisfaction help to drive and serve customers. Calibraint Technologies keeping user experience in the first place.