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Streamline Digitally – Remote Hiring & On-Boarding Process




October 12, 2020

Building A Culture Beyond The Routine – Remote Hiring & On-Boarding Process

Researchers say the number of employees adopting work from home had increased even before the pandemic in many developed countries like the USA. The COVID-19 has just made an extension of that scenario in both developed and developing countries. On the consequence the companies are finding it difficult to resume back to the traditional office structure, it seems like the new normal has forced the human community to encounter a lot of challenges upfront.

Remote work will matter more than it did before, hence it’s important to fascinate and thrill this remote work option. On a precise note, the article is an attempt to increase the new hire retention rate during this new normal through best remote hiring and onboarding experiences.

Though there are plenty of applications available on the market that pledges to give away great experience, it is important for the organization to own a customized application that fits your exact requirements. Calibraint, as a custom software development company, can help you shape your ideas and build an exemplary recruiting and on-boarding application.

Challenges Faced During Remote From Home Option

Many companies follow a tradition of welcoming new employees, spend a day introducing them to the team. According to Glassdoor reports, a good onboarding experience can help you retain 82% of your employees. Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to accomplish the same kind of experience when the team works remotely. An unpleasant onboarding process put forths the employee in a forced state of not being aware of company culture and responsibilities they adhere to.

A poor onboarding process might feel the employees disengaged and disconnected from the team. Also, improper onboarding processes might end up in employee turnover, leading to spending more time and energy on a replacement

Custom Remote Hiring & On-Boarding Process

The hiring process of each company differs, its mandatory to include the requirements into the application. Hence customized remote hiring and on-boarding application help you edit the hiring process as per your norms.
Also, the customized application can be used for sending emails, form, conduction training sessions, and can be even used to generate reports to review the workflow.

Remote Hiring & On-Boarding

1. Stepping Up Recruitment Process

Tons of people have lost their livelihood in this pandemic, the main reason is the layoff and paycheck cuts in many organizations. Thus to find the right candidate from this pool would be quite difficult for the recruitment team. Many organizations are running behind the hiring technologies to streamline the process. Having a customized application that holds ATS (Applicant Tracking System) allows you to post jobs, filter applications, conduct interviews, and formulate all this information in one shared place. Conducting interviews via video capabilities gives you a better understanding and streamline the interview process.

2. Go Digitally

Paperless works are the high capabilities that the people are looking forward to, right from money transfer to documentation check-up if it’s paperless then the world is going to accept it. A custom application that reduces the paperwork and allows the employees to upload the document from wherever they are, using smart devices will make the onboarding process much easier.

Also, the customized application sends a notification to employees if the documents are not uploaded before the joining date. This reduces the efforts of the HR team to follow up.

3. Training Program

Virtual training and mentoring program are an inseparable part of the onboarding process. The mentoring program helps them to be aware of the company culture, roles, and responsibilities, update skills, and many. Establishing a Virtual training and mentoring program in the onboarding platform would be a great integration for the new hires to perform the basic rituals in one place.

4. Self Service Portal

Remote hiring doesn’t provide the benefit of clarifying new hire’s queries on the HR desk. Hereby, a self-service portal on the remote hiring platform would be a great solution for the employees to get all information needed in one place. The customized hiring platform with a self-service portal gives communication satisfaction to employees leading to high clearance at work.

Welcoming remote hires to the team can require a bit more effort to get right than standard in-office onboarding.
Hiring always seems to be a time-consuming process and it has now become more complex while working remotely. Since smooth onboarding determines the longevity of an employee, don’t lose that grip during this pandemic. 

Following some of the above tactics can ease the onboard process of new hires remotely. Also, practicing a powerful cloud-based tech stack, remote processes, and a strong team culture, you’re heading in a great direction of making remote work a success.

For building a tailor hiring and onboarding platform for fostering productivity and improving employee retention rate reach out to Calibraint Technologies.