Way To Remember The Year 2020

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the year 2020

The Bond We Hold For The Year 2020

The Year 2020 - Any thought, given to this year in the near future will get us reminded of the whole new experiences, moments, and dealings with the unexpected. From January to December, Day to Night, Struggles to Happiness we kept moving and one thing that we all had in common was Endurance. Good Job to All of Us!! So, Let's choose to take the fond memories, the self-discoveries, heartfelt struggles that made us stronger, braver with us.

Stating the year 2020, any one of us could easily come up with a long list of things to be ungrateful for, and parallelly with a few happy events too. Despite all hardships, being grateful is what's really difficult. On that note, let's walk down on little of the things to be grateful for, both in our business and personal lives.

Healthy At Desk

Health comes out in many various forms and being healthy can mean something entirely different for each person. One good thing about the pandemic is that most people got to eat more healthful meals on time and they are feeling better with more energy. Considering all your aspects if you feel healthy then try being grateful for it.

Friends & Family

Getting surrounded by family and friends more than ever before was possible during these days. And that remains very important to be grateful for as people make lives better. Facing any kind of hardship with the family beside would have been much better than to deal all by yourself. Be grateful for having someone in your life so that you can open up to.

Work & Business

As an important factor during these days, many people have lost their jobs, their income, and their sense of security. In that scenario, if you still own work or the business that keeps you busy, and focused then that's something to be grateful of. Also, one of the most important lessons learned in living through this pandemic is that work-life fits in with committed communication, flexible thinking, connection, and respect.
Similarly, it’s the perfect time to write down a thank you note for your clients or boss for making things more comfortable.

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And on the fun part, the holidays had a different take this year because of the obvious global pandemic but we never failed to find fun in that. Now lets, track down a few newbie happenings of this season. Living in the age of technology, this is was a great time to connect with the people in your household/bubble and with other individuals online to relax after a stress-inducing year.

Old-school Games At Play

Remember when smartphones didn’t exist? Then it was only the tangible games that made the play. This was an era in history where a game of Monopoly/Ludo or any indoor game got its glory. Dusting off those old games, getting the whole family involved, and end in a furious table flip brought back all the real fun in it.

Enjoying The Artist In You

Arts and crafts were also a great way for us to have some great fun together. The half-knitted scarf, an almost hemmed outfit, an unpainted accent wall, or unfinished paintings all had a great time to get completed with fine finishing. The house parties and the indoor festivals endured as elegant with all the artwork.

A Living Room Movie Theater 

A whole new refreshing experience was bringing in the movie theater experience at home and making it more special with all the family members. All it includes is a family movie pick, comfy seating, the right lighting, and a snack. The act got to the next level with some living room karaoke and music. The variety of songs and genres allowed you to Belt out your favorite hits this holiday season.

Hangouts On Zoom Call

This season made a family/group zoom call to be a normal one. This was almost a no effort activity where you get to chill on virtual calls and have a “screen-to-screen” conversation conveying all emotions.

Of course, there might have been many of your other experiences of being fun and to be grateful for along with many ups and downs. But by focusing on the positive, lets you live out the present moment that is taking one day at a time, and transforming expectations into appreciation gives you a profound sense of accomplishment. Give yourself a reason to smile by embracing all of the little happiness you have had throughout this year.

                            Have A Promising And Great New Year!!!

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