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Web Development Trends 2021: Nail The Survival




July 14, 2020

Web Development Trends That Deliver The Most Value

Year after year the web world continues to witness thousands of web applications and evolving technologies that drive and set new trends. Out of those web development trends, that the digital world comes up with, some get a better take, and others vanish with time. 

And the year 2021, in all ways has started witnessing a plethora of possibilities and has set out new trends. It is vital to keep up and adapt to evolving technologies as this dynamic and progressive field keeps on changing. To build up-to-date products, businesses should hire web developers who keep themselves abreast of the latest web development trends and technologies.

The questions like, have coding become old? Is there any important factor for performance than page speed? are right now mapping the direction of technology and will continue to shape the way we build web apps into the future. On that note, let’s take a look at the web app trends to remain progressive, intuitive, fast, and user-focused. 

Web Development Trends 2021

Responsive & Mobile First Design

On a recent note, Google acknowledges the weightage that mobile-first design holds on SEO working and this made companies ensure their entire web presence be optimized for mobile. The responsive design also remains at the same intensity accounting the metrics like engagement and time on the page. These SEO metrics are excellent benchmarks for how well your web apps are performing.

Also, incorporating responsive design leads to an increase in mobile traffic, lowers bounce rates, and improves the overall user experience of the web application. On an important note, the apps should always be optimized for all available mobile users and tested extensively on them as well.

AMP & Page Speed Optimization

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages have two main reasons to be considered in web application development. One is that with AMP, the pages will load at a much faster rate on mobile devices, and this leads to experience less dropout and higher conversions. The other key reason to consider is Google that backs AMP and encourages site owners to implement its benefits with increased traffic. Moreover, Google considers site load time in its algorithms to determine site ranking and as AMP can help with that it gets a real measure of importance in web development trends.

Furthermore, AMP pages are required for news sites if they want to have their content included in the “Top Stories” as news carousels on mobile devices.

APIs and Streamlined Data Delivery

Having an API-driven business model means practicing APIs to streamline, guide, and improve business operations and processes. Incorporating APIs into corporate decisions ensures that they become the backbone of digital strategy. Making a start with API and further proceeding with development saves countless hours of troubleshooting later and allows you to make user-focused design decisions. In embracing APIs, companies encounter streamlined digital processes, reduced costs, and accelerate time to market.

AI & Cybersecurity

AI is in the future of almost all web app development trends. Holding AI, top-of-mind while designing and building the web app, drives for success, and delivers more value to its users. On the other hand, cybersecurity becomes an increasingly large issue impacting large proportions of the users. To overcome this, developers are using AI to enhance biometric authentication and get rid of its imperfections to make it a reliable system.

AI and machine learning have significantly advanced the process of cybersecurity and also provide the option to be trained that enhances the effectiveness of cyber threat detection and prevention. So, opt for a security solution that comes with robust monitoring functions as they make way for seamless operations within your infrastructure.

web development trends

Progressive Web App (PWA)

The PWAs applications are built around common web technologies that get them to work and perform their intended purpose on any device or browser you load them from. This gets grounded with the philosophy of “works anywhere on anything” way shaping the build process of all technologies. They are built around the idea of being a fast, integrated, reliable, and highly engaging product when delivered to the end-users.

They also bring in the capabilities of the web and mobile software that create an immersive user experience and increase user engagement. Researches and surveys say that  PWAs provide numerous advantages to companies, like an increase in mobile traffic, improvement of load and installation speed, reduced use of device storage, and an increase in conversion rate.

Blockchain Technologies

In 2019, about 34 million blockchain wallets were in use worldwide. In the following years, emerging web technologies are anticipated to cover such elements. If the blockchain world becomes more trustworthy and accessible, people will pay taxes and interact with government services in new ways. Major financial organizations are developing algorithms to protect sensitive client data and bitcoin transactions. Both large and small firms are considering using blockchain to simplify their operations. As a result, future web technologies are expected to have similar features in the following years. 

Post COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant movement to digital platforms in 2021, making blockchain increasingly essential for ensuring secure and transparent transactions. Though the technology is still in its infancy in India, it has great promise across the board.

AI Bots

The proliferation of bots will have an impact on online design trends, particularly UX. The most significant benefits of AI-based bots are their ability to solve problems around the clock, human-like experience, and comprehensive consumer behavior analytics. A bot might also be embedded into a PWA, a conventional website, professional or home equipment, and any commercially created Internet-connected software. The emergence of bots will have an impact on web design trends, particularly in terms of user experience.

What Are The Web Development Trends For 2021?

Below is a list of web development trends for 2021 that you need to consider to keep up with the latest and leveraging technologies for web development services.

– Responsive Web Applications
– Progressive Web Apps
– API-first Development
– AI-powered Chatbots
– Voice Search Optimization
– Advanced UI & Push notifications 

What Are The Benefits Of Web Applications?

The edge of digital businesses and web development trends opens up a wide scope of possibilities to develop custom web services and benefits to experience. Like the web applications are,

– Simply Scalable
– Cost-Effective 
– User-Friendly & Flexible
– Safe & Secure
– Customer Relationship Management

Why Calibraint For Web App Development?

– In the first place, our developers get along with our client team to uncover their unique needs and put up research to discover the best strategies and standard ways to approach their requirements.

– Our experts develop multiple designs, for client requirements and then narrow down the options for better prototyping and design testing.

– The prototypes and insights stay robust and put forth the ideas of what we are about to do to help your business grow with custom web services.

– Ensuring the development process with the right architecture, fine testing, and creative ideas Calibraint delivers the highest quality of the desired product.


To summarize, web app development trends in the mere future continue to be an essential aspect to perform better and drive effective customer action. To build robust and innovative products that solve business problems and deliver the required ROI, it is necessary to keep up with the latest trends, and leveraging technologies for web development services.

If you are someone wanting to create your unique web applications or optimize an existing website, please feel free to get in touch with our web development team @ https://www.calibraint.com/contact. In the meantime, we also recommend you visit our website to learn more about web development. 

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