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Learn On The Benefited Version: Benefits Of Technology In Education




December 11, 2020

Setting Up A Successful Life For Students Away From School Structure – Benefits Of Technology In Education

If you think technology has only credited the Retail, F&B, eCommerce, Financial, and Agriculture verticles, then it’s time for you to amaze yourself with the known yet unknown fact, the educational sector. The black & whiteboard to the projector screen and after COVID-19 it’s the technology that makes education alive among the students. And it’s important to acknowledge that the students enjoy the use of technology at every level of their learning process. Like how workplace digital transformation helped with high productivity and employee retention rate, similarly, creative ways to use technology in the classroom has created an excitement for learning among the students. The use of technology in teaching and learning has made life easier for both the teachers and students, the communication between the students and teachers are no more in a distress spot, right from the academic calendar schedules to lessons with media and visuals, technology integration has truly benefited education institutes.

In this article, you will end up reading about the revolution that has taken place in the education sector over these years. Though the details took years to come into existence, the entry has definitely created a whole positive craze among the students.

Technology Taking Its Space In The Classroom  – Intensified Teaching & Learning

Virtual Trips

The old gen parents do think the technology a distraction, but that’s not the same case in the educational sector. Students show much interest and excitement towards learning when the technology is integrated. Staying in the classroom and listening to teachers’ content creates a lack of connectivity among the students, now technology has created an opportunity for the students to experience concepts via virtual field trips. We all know the demerits of our old traditional lectures, such as the engagement, and active participation which was a huge question mark but now the technology has cut down that gap and enhanced the teaching and learning experience to live extremes.

Different Learning Style

The knowledge retention rate solely depends on the student’s active participation and engagement in learning, and technology has made it possible by providing numerous learning styles. Few students might like to learn content with images, while others may prefer video and audio. These basic success details discovered by the business providers incorporated the solutions with technology. Now the lessons are modified and provided with styles like info-graphics learning, video tutorials, podcast, and much more activity-based sessions. We tend to remember things when we find the solutions by ourselves, gamified learning inclusion yet another successful mode. Demonstrative learning is definitely one of the benefits of technology in education that makes the knowledge retention rate survive.

Individual Customization

Technology has made it possible to have a customized read for students. For example, in the traditional system students are supposed to attend all the chapters of a subject but technology has made it quite easier for students, they can skip any chapters if they don’t want to learn. They can learn at their own speed, repeat their classes if they want to recall in the future, discuss their doubts with groups, and these form the major benefits of technology in education.
Also, the internet has made it possible to access various contents of the same concept, which helps the student to perform deep research and come up with better knowledge and understanding. Simply to state, A teacher for 30 students has been replaced by technology for a million students in each unique way.

Connecting WorldWide

Technology has made it possible to connect, communicate, and learn from students all over the world. Many online communities, forums, and groups were students from all over the world connect, share their insights, and clarify the other students’ doubts without expecting any kind of benefit. This has made a few things easier for us to know about the learner’s mindset, different perspectives. culture and many. In short, online collaboration and virtual learning environments are definitely a great step towards knowledge building.

Teacher’s Benefits

Over these years one cannot deny the fact that Teachers are under massive pressure to come up with a creative way of learning. With numerous online resources available today, not only students even teachers get benefited in terms of teaching ways. They can prepare a concept deeply from online resources and present knowledge to students in simplified ways. Online Assessment, Virtual Lesson Plans, Parents Teachers Whatsapp Groups and many other software applications have saved a lot of time.  This in return, allows the teachers to utilize the time for the students who are struggling.

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Many technology innovations like AI, Machine Learning are bringing in a lot of significant changes. Augmented Reality is already replacing the pens and chalk pieces in the education industry. Thus, its high time for the education institutes who stay away from technology to make their approach and participate in the race.

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