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Innovative Learning - An Introduction

Technology has transformed almost every aspect of our lives, and now it's the education systems around the world that are due for a digital revolution. They have started adopting new technologies to help students reach their full potential. Generally, education has a tremendous impact on our society and is one of the foundations of human evolution. Over the course of the last century, the science of learning and future education has changed significantly. Advanced technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence are at the forefront of the technology-aided education initiatives around the globe. 

Future Education - Technologies In Bridging The Gap

Artificial Intelligence

AI in education typically focuses on identifying the student's immediate needs and addresses them by some of the tools that aid students in performing their tasks. They are also capable of developing a personalized curriculum for each student based on their performance in future education.

Moreover, AI-powered learning platforms are the most downloaded education apps globally. These platforms single-handedly challenge the concept of traditional learning. To a surprise, a study shows that spending just 34 hours on the app equates to an entire university semester of language education.

One of the most evident AI benefits in future education is the ability to automate simple operations, advancing many administrative and organizational tasks.  Here are some of the tasks where educators spend most of their time while that gets done by AI with almost no errors in just a few minutes, like homework checks, evaluating papers, absence sheets analysis, and preparing report cards.

AI traits in the learning experience,

  •  Provides customized education according to one's individual requirements.
  •  Ensures to give precise information on individual reports of each student.
  •  Allows taking productive measures for a targeted set of students.
  •  Persuade and engages students to develop knowledge themselves.

Smart Chatbots 

Chatbot with no further is making its way in the future education system. They are enhancing to be a fundamental tool that simplifies the interaction between students and computers. Furthermore, chatbots with artificial intelligence technology allow us to turn a lecture in a series of messages thereby furnishing standardized chat conversation alike learning to the students.

On that note, the chatbot provides a wide range of benefits, 

  • Uses algorithms to speed up the learning interval.
  • Aids with immediate assessment analysis and feedback.
  • Reduces the workload for educators with stimulating strategies.
  • Holds record on an individual's performance and supports with self-paced learning.

Video Learning

Though video-based learning may not necessarily be considered as innovative as artificial intelligence or chatbots, educators consider it as a vital component in getting a personalized learning experience. Even now there exists a higher demand for video-based learning among the students. Due to the fact educators and future education systems are increasingly showing interest in video learning and aim for student satisfaction and student achievement.

Benefits of video-based learning,

  • It provides a simpler and practical learning experience.
  • Remains to be a cost-effective training approach.
  • Maximizes retention and Reduces cognitive overload.
  • Increases learner commitment and assistance.
  • Makes an effective and engaging e-learning course.

Augmented Reality (AR)

This might take quite a long while to scale the walls of learning through Google Glass, gaming, awesome astronomy apps, and so on. The AR capabilities allow users to see additional information layered beyond what they see through the lens. For now, access to AR technology concerning educational purposes is mostly limited to smartphone apps. The AR experience can be expected to be fully integrated as a component of education when they are simply seamless and immersive to blend information readily with reality.

Benefits of AR,

  • completely changes the mode of interaction with the world and enhances the learning experience.
  • capable of creating a 3D rendering of any physical object that can be utilized to explain abstract and intricate ideas.
  • posses an increased level of interactivity and engagement.
  • offers the inclusivity of students with special needs.
  • makes learning more interesting and knowledgeable.

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Game-Based Learning

The children growing up over this period and being a part of this smart world have made them have very short-term attention towards anything unless and until it engages them at a high level. This is never to surprise, as their childhood is all about videos, YouTube, Facebook, and smartphones that provide them with on-the-go all-time updates and answers through Google and Wikipedia.

Now, to handle such a fast-paced generation, the future education system and schools will eventually align their teaching methods according to the times and needs. One great way to achieve this is to employ video games in learning, which had always been considered as a major distraction to learning. That is turning out the negatives as the most successful positive forms.

Benefits that count on game-based learning,

  • raise the level of user engagement with effective resources.
  • the game platforms highly motivate, engage, and achieves more through games.
  • helps to solve problems more effectively and quickly.
  • Improves fast strategic thinking and skill-building.

The Other Possibilities Advanced By Tech

Social Media In Education

Social media allow educators and users to post their thoughts, ideas, and comments in an interactive learning environment.

Efficient Online Assessment

The online assessment tools help the mentors to trace out detailed data on each student's performance and based on that they can plan their future measures.

Extended Classroom Communities

Technology facilitates web-based platforms where teachers and students can use this platform to discuss homework, post assignments, and interact with their peers.

Online Classes (Live Streaming)

Institutions and schools can create private channels and upload videos on YouTube, so that students who are unable to attend the classes, can watch it from home and ask questions in real-time.

The Toss Between The Traditional & Tech Ways

The tech has definitely brought in a radical change in how students learn new things and grasp information. To add-on, smart classrooms have gained momentum in recent years. This relatively new model indeed empowers students to work collaboratively on their tasks and share their knowledge.

Inspite of the new models leading to great ways to facilitate today’s knowledge-driven society, it is something to be considered when it comes to the increasing amount of time children spend in front of screens.

Also, researches put forth that children are more likely to absorb information from books rather than screens.  And it is also believed that human interactions are supreme when it comes to engaging children and getting them excited to learn.


Besides all the pros and cons that the technologies in future education hold, we cannot deny the fact that students get to incorporate so much independence into their learning process via technology. As an outcome of globalization, educational institutions around the world are momentarily integrating technologies into all elements of their courses.  Moreover, students now have access to a wide range of impressive applications, because of which they are able to make online education to be a core part of mainstream teaching and learning. So, the future education is also about revolutionizing education, adapting to the fast-changing world, furnishing students an opportunity to choose their own way of learning, combining theory and practical approach, and also considering the current demand of the market.

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