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AI In Social Media

AI In Social Media & The Modern Days Strategies

The two unavoidable big buzzes of the digital era are Artificial Intelligence and Social Media. To precise more, AI stays as the fuel for every social media network. Have you ever wondered why your activity in social media brings backs similar suggestions across all platforms you use? The answer is quite simple, it's the intervention of Artificial Intelligence - AI In Social Media.


The instant when you watch or search any topic or video on your timeline, the next few scrolls in your feed shows the same content that you watched or searched before. The shown preferences are the AI perspective, the watched and suggested video is driven by affinity marketing that is achievable through AI today.

AI is one such smart high-end technology that humanity has ever encountered. Many industries are migrating and introducing AI-based products to make the livelihood more simple and cool. AI in social media has not only made the sentiments more strong with the user perspective but it has also made the jobs of the marketers easy.

For effective decision making in trades & businesses, AI in social media facilitates the ease of real-time analysis with gathered data. AI in social media is a blessing to the industries in transfiguring the needs of the end-users and converting it into meaningful insights. 

AI Impacts on Social Media: Facebook

Facebook benefits the businesses by providing the behavior of the users, and this is possible with the help of AI. Facebook understands the behavior of the users and group those data to benefit the advertiser. With the intention of converting business goals, Facebook makes use of Artificial Intelligence effectively. 

Let us discuss  how AI impacts have helped Facebook, (Understanding User Behaviour)

Image & Video Recognition

With Deep Learning understanding the visual study has become easy for Facebook. Deep Learning has got the potential to understand the patterns of the objects shown in the videos & images. The collected data is the key element for advertisers to target the audience and offer their products & services.

Text Recognition

The unknown fact is that most of the data shared on Facebook are still in text formats. Though sharing images & videos have high engagement despite that the text message still provides better value. DeepText is a tool made by Facebook to understand the text, its underlying meaning to direct the user's behavior to advertisers. Advertisers, in turn, make this data to offer their products & services to the most relevant audience.

Face Recognition

Facebook makes use of DeepFace to find the human faces with few trails and also it is claimed to find the faces more accurately than a human. 


Facebook has a powerful and smart API  for the messenger platform that does the job of customer support for business. It has a predefined message template to answer the customer query instantly. Hence here the AI Chatbot plays a vital role in Facebook.

“Our intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is an extension of that quality.”  Yann LeCun

AI Impacts on Social Media: Instagram

With over 1 Billion users Facebook-owned Instagram stands as a missile in the social media community. Large audiences and the highest engaging community have become the main reasons for the businesses to run their brands on Instagram.


Almost 50 Billion photos are shared on Instagram every day and to identify the search preferences are made possible today with the intervention of AI. The hashtags, comments, like all the user engagement, are used by AI to give away the best experience to the users and easy targeting to the marketers. 


Miquela is an AI assistant on Instagram, lilmiquela has 2.2 million followers, it's hard to believe but it's a robot that shares tips on fashion. The AI Bot post fashionable pics like models and gives appropriate tag lines for the pics. 

AI Impacts on Social Media: Twitter

With over 330 million monthly active users Twitter has become the official announcement site for Politicians & Film fraternities. Twitter has more active users compared to other microblogging sites. The engagement and reachability of content are high on Twitter, the platform is not only free to express the opinions but also a perfect platform to promote the events and market the product.


Just like Facebook & Instagram Twitter to get benefits by the involvement of AI, like other social media, AI helps to give away the relevant searches i.e; recommends tweets on the user timeline. Natural Language Processing (NLP) used to order and give away the tweets which are expected to be liked by the particular user. It screens almost  60 million tweets per second and displays the best one accordingly. 


AI bots on twitter help to ban tweets & account that spread negative impression on society. Accounts that post tweets on racism and hatred are being blocked frequently by AI bots. 


The images & videos thumbnails are altered in such a way that it grabs the attention of the user. The AI trimming tools on twitter cuts the engaging dimensions of the videos & images and make those parts as the thumbnail of the post. This improves engagement and accessibility to a great extend. 


AI in social media is a boon to the modern advertiser, the facilities and capabilities of AI have made the businesses to target easily.  Also, one cannot deny the fact that user data security is a big risk and this will be one of the biggest challenges that the world has to encounter one day. 

As a trade handler and a marketer AI in Social Media is worth paying! We at Calibraint, exercise diverse strategies and execution to give away the splendid experience. Talk with our experts to empower your trade!

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