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Best Chatbot Development Company in India – Overview




March 23, 2020

Best Chatbot Development Company India

Strikes of a Best Chatbot Development Company in India

The Chatbots, now taking the tech world by storm and revolutionizing diverse industries seem to have entered the dictionary recently, but they possess a long history right from the 1960s. Since then they have rapidly evolved and have become capable of accomplishing actions as good as human thinking and thought-processes. Eventually, now chatbots are getting used for multiple purposes like timesheets (Nika), Expenses (Acebot), Customer Service (Twyla), FAQ bots (QnA) and feedback (Wizu). Over time as the technology continued to evolve, more AI and speech-based bots entered the market & started ruling and are sure to be more valuable assets for businesses in the mere future. For now, let’s take a look at the reasons for a business to have chatbots built by the best chatbot development company in India.

Chatbot For Business

Chatbot for a Business

Getting to have smart and intelligent chatbot built by the best chatbot development company in India, elevates the trade and aids to encounter a competitive edge with many possibilities.

Owning a Chatbot for Business

– Automates brand interactions through instant responses to the users and comforts the customer.
– Collects the user data that will be helpful for future enhancement and implementation
– Allows to have thousands of Integration that can be easily customized
– Yields high return on ad spend & Reduces the operational costs
– Enables One-click lead capturing
– Turns page engagements into leads
– Gets a possibility for Quick Launch

“What will limit us is not the possible evolution of technology, but the evolution of human purposes.” – Stephen Wolfram

Requirements to look out in choosing the Best Chabot Development Company in India

AI is not the only dependable factor to select the best chatbot development company in India, the process is similar to that of picking software development partners. The company which is capable enough to satisfy your requirements at every stage would likely wish to travel with you on long terms and so the choice matters important. Here, the selection is to pick the one who can promise to redefine the customer experience offered by the businesses.
Let’s get deep into it and know the key aspects to look down,

Proof of Concept (POC)

The real credibility lies in showing up the Proof of Concept to the clients. Rather than the number of projects the quality work speaks.


The best chatbot development company in India must have righteous knowledge about the client’s channels and the platforms where the chatbots will be established.

Technical Expertise

The vendor must have extensive knowledge of the Machine Learning, AI,  Scripting, Natural Language Processing (NLP), NLP engines such as Dialogflow/Watson/Microsoft NLP/Amazon Lex, Analytics, and Unique Frameworks.

UX Design

The best chatbot development company in India must feature excellent UX Element implementation in Chatbot. Having a dedicated team with expertise in Bot UX Design is mandatory.

Team Size

Having a large development team to craft down the project on time is essential. The best chatbot development company in India must have a separate time for Development, Design, Testing & support.

Scaling Up

Trustworthiness comes from social presence and testimonial. Check for the companies best clientele and reviews across the internet.

Price & Deadlines

The best chatbot development company in India must have the capabilities for delivering customized & personalized solutions at an affordable cost. The team must be flexible enough to handle the deadlines.

Benefits Of Chatbot

Sectors that use Chatbots

Amidst those exploring consumer-facing technology, Chatbots are currently all the rage. Progress in artificial intelligence (AI) has enabled a new generation of chatbots to roll out across all sectors, marketplaces, and corporate organizations.
Now, let’s have a swift overview of the industries that widely use chatbots that add value to their businesses.

Customer Service: Resolving customer queries at the right time with the right answers.

Marketing: Understanding the customers and recommending the right products based on their verbal feedback.

News and Media: Customize the user feed with the content of their interest and choice. eg, Kik, Line

e-Commerce: Unlocks more options to shop and sets price alerts.

Banking & Financial Services: Makes a big difference by guiding its visitors with investment portfolios and better plans.

Hospitality: Powers everything right from check-in to a wide array of concierge services and handles queries 24/7.

HR: Aids to keep up the pulse of the employees and monitor their satisfaction and productivity.

Describe the various types of Chatbot Platforms.

Based on the need and utilization chatbot platforms are classified into three types.
– No programming
– Conversational
– Platforms backed by Tech Giants

No Programming Platforms

No Programming Platforms are the best fit for small scale businesses. This is a user-oriented platform that is free from Machine Learning, Programming & NLP. This platform aids to deliver simple chatbot making the small scale business to function smoothly. Since it lacks external software integration No Programming Platforms are not advisable for large scale businesses.

Conversational Platforms

This is an exclusive platform that is built to deliver a rich conversation between the user and a bot. The platform uses Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) to model the conversation lively. Hence, it has an advantage over the No Programming Platform Conversational Platform where the information extraction is poor.

High Standard Platforms

The standard platforms are built by tech giants companies to give out the best capabilities on a shot. The platforms satisfy the complex conversation flows effectively. Certain times this platform undergoes a few difficulties in getting control over the conversations and misunderstandings.

What are the standpoints to be looked for a perfect Chatbot Platform?

Some of the profound trends to be looked for the perfect platforms :

– User & Voice Interface to carry out the conversation lively.
– Interactive & Personalized Bot Site.
– Text-based Customer Support to respond instantly to the queries.
– Sentiment Analysis
– Effective Tracking / Monitoring Feature.

Why Calibraint can be considered as one of the Best Chatbot Development Company in India?

– With more than 4+ years of experience in delivering quality web solutions, Calibraint has accomplished tons of projects across the globe.
– 100+ Software Architects, Developers & QA’s
– Our diversified crew has an expert understanding of technical features & technology skills.
– Detailing of particulates, exceptional UX Design.
– Working on Agile Methodology
– Ability to Handle Short Deadlines and many


AI & Speech-based bots are great revolutionary gifts for businesses to comfort their customer support. Facebook’s Chat Extension lets you & your friends in the group to converse to the bot at the same time. Similarly, Apple’s HomePod & Amazon’s next-gen Echo is in the pipeline. Moreover, the bots don’t get restricted with customer experience alone, the Smart Bots even take care of the payment gateways, analyzing human behaviour & feel, managing finances and so on. Chatbots, on the way of making great accomplishments are excepted to wonder us with its updates. Incorporate this generous bot into your application and get benefitted utmost.