UI UX Design Elements - A Brief Overview

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ui ux design elements

UI UX Design Elements a Study on the Key Aspects


An application that trails a smooth journey to its user gets into their wish list with ease. For an app to incorporate this ability the start (i.e ideas) should encounter research and analysis by the design experts. Owning to this the following article deliberates a detailed view of the strategies and UI UX design elements.

UX Elements on a Detailed Note

Research Process

This is an early stage where deciding the dos and don'ts matters the most. The experts and the clients all as one, frame the vision of the application considering the right audience on the right purpose. Strategizing the need, targeted users, and USP aids the application to have a fruitful start.


After strategizing the goals, content requirements and performance planning play a vital role. The sole reason for a user to reach out objective in the application relies on the inter-related functionalities & the responses. Also, without proper content definition like text, image, and audio it becomes difficult for the designers to finalize the timeline. Thus this step plays a major consideration in UI UX design elements fixing.


On concluding the functional and content requirements, the next step is to organize the content in a manner that can be understood easily. Proceeding further to information architecture (content organizing) it is important to depict the design of interaction.

Information Architecture Aid

- to categorize, prioritize and organize the information based on user requirements and business objectives.

- to flexibly accommodate growth and adapt to change.

Interaction Design Aid

- to inform the user on state changes, like the file has been saved, or any feedback, on their interaction.

- to effectively deliver interactivity and functionality.

Thus, Information Architecture and Design Interaction together help to fix the pieces of app or site in the right order and decides the way it should react and respond to user interaction.


Skeleton is the stage where all the parts and elements get a visual form. It determines user navigation and information flow to be clear and effective. Static diagrams are used to map the visual format of the product, navigation, and interactions. These static diagrams are termed as Wireframes. This stage comprises three components: Interface Design, Navigation Design, & Information Design.

Interface Design - Systemizing interface elements for better user interaction.

Navigation Design - Routing the navigation of information via the interface.

Information Design - Presenting information that is user-friendly.


This stage put forth a complete overview of the products look with the right layout, typography, colors,...etc

It deals with visual design and appearance of content that trace out user activity and guides them with the way to interact. Simply this final stage concentrates to increase the cognitive ability for the users.

Hence, when each of the above stages attains its individual purpose, then that helps the UI UX Design Elements in achieving the main objective of the product design.

UI Elements 

Each of the UI UX Design Elements acts in a certain way driving its purpose and extending its scope. let's try to understand the real purpose of every UI design element briefly.

Input Controls

This allows users to make their own choice out of the listed items. There are various components that help in getting the user's choice.

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Navigational Components

These components support the users to navigate from one site point or section to another.

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Informational Components

These components show up the pieces of information for the users in multiple formats under different sections.

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Now, to ensure and experience the real privilege of the UI UX Design elements, they should get placed in an appropriate way that they must facilitate task completion, design efficiency, and user satisfaction. Having said that, Calibraint effectively works on this basis and helps to meet your targets and to improve your conversions with the best of Design & Performance.


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