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Charting the Map and Compass in the Universe of Mobile App Navigation



January 2, 2024

User friendly Mobile app navigation

Ever got lost in an app? I mean, not like “philosophically lost,” pondering the existential meaning while staring at a spinning loading icon. I’m talking about the kind of lost where you tap aimlessly, muttering under your breath like a character in a movie from the silent era, desperately searching for that one button that takes you to your shopping cart in your mobile app navigation.

Confused with mobile app navigation

Bad mobile app navigation is the Kryptonite to Superman, the Darth Vader to the light side. It can turn even the most promising app into a frustrating wasteland, forcing users to flee like refugees from a war zone.

So, let’s explore the secret mantra of user-friendly navigation that makes users say, “Wow, this app feels like putting on perfectly tailored trousers; comfy, familiar, and makes me look great!”.

Onward, to app-navigation greatness!

Rule 1 of Offering a Ride: Know Your Passengers

Imagine this: you’re driving a fancy spaceship (because who wouldn’t want to?), but your passengers – a weird set of passengers aboard your vessel. Let it be aliens, robots, talking parrots, and Rapunzel – all have different destinations scattered across the universe. You wouldn’t just blast off without a plan, right?

You’d need to know where each passenger wants to go, what they’re expecting from the journey, and maybe even bribe the parrot with some space peanuts to keep the squawking down or let aliens and robots do rope skipping with Rapunzel’s hair to show off their skills.

Visible confusion with mobile app navigation design

Designing a proper mobile app navigation is kinda similar to that. Your users are your alien-robot-parrot-Rapunzel passengers, and your app is the spaceship. Knowing where they want to go (and why!) is crucial for a smooth, frustration-free ride.

Here’s how to get to know your passengers better.

Eavesdrop on their Conversations because, WHY NOT!

Reviews, social media mentions, even support tickets – these are your passengers shouting “Take me to Saturn!” or “Hey, the Wi-Fi’s wonky in Pandora!” Listen to their pain points, their wishes, and their “OMG this app is amazing!” moments. They’re your “unhired” market research specialists.

Friends meme about mobile app navigation best practices

Send out a Space-Tastic Survey

Ask them directly! What are their main goals when using your app? What tasks do they struggle with? Where do they get lost in the cosmic abyss of your user interface? Don’t be afraid to get creative – offer popcorn and coke as survey incentives, I mean who can resist that?

Watch how they Navigate

Analytics are your magic telescope, letting you see how users actually move around your app. Are they bouncing off like space dust on a windshield? Do they get stuck in black holes of hidden features? Use this data to identify traffic jams and reroute the user flow for a smoother experience.

Choose the Right Vehicle: Mobile App Navigation Patterns that Rock!

Okay, we’ve met our passengers (users), heard their destinations (user goals), and mapped out the interstellar freeways (user flows). Now comes the fun part: choosing the spaceship!

Sponge bob meme about navigation design for mobile app

Warp Speed to Top Tasks!

Think of those handy buttons at the bottom or top of your screen, like trusty thrusters that zoom you to different sections of your app. They’re perfect for apps with a few core functions, like a music app where you can hop between playlists, artists, and radio stations with a single tap. Just imagine the user satisfaction – navigating from a Taylor Swift vibe party to a Mozart meditation session in seconds matching the speed of their wandering thoughts!

Man explaining about importance of button navigation in mobile apps

Tucking Away Extras for Later

The humble hamburger menu (that little stack of lines in the corner) is like a cosmic storage locker for all your extra app features. It keeps things clean and uncluttered, but the treasures are still just a tap away. Think settings, profiles, or hidden easter eggs for your most adventurous users. Remember, a good hamburger menu is like a well-packed toolbox – full of useful stuff, but organized and easy to find.

Why Footers Might Not Be Your Friend

Adding footers at the bottom can be a cool option too, like car pedals for your app but it is not always the mobile app navigation best practice. It’s familiar, accessible, and keeps essential options within thumb reach. But be careful not to overload it! Too many pedals at your feet can lead to toe-stubbing confusion, leading to accidents.

Tips for the Trip: Making your App Feel Comfy

So, everyone is now strapped into your “app-spaceship”, chosen their galactic path, and charted a course to their destinations. Is it just “ahoy” to the world now? Oh, wait!

A smooth journey isn’t just about warp speed and fancy buttons. It’s about making your users feel like they’re lounging in a comfy spaceship hammock, sipping cosmic cocktails and enjoying the ride.

Here are some space-trippin’ tips to keep your passengers happy:

Clearly Label Icons as they are your cosmic signposts:

Imagine bustling through space without a signpost for them to look at. Yeah, not cool and definitely boring. That’s why clearly labeling icons are your cosmic signposts, helping users understand where they are and where they’re going. Keep things simple, and consistent, and avoid using alien hieroglyphics unless your passengers are intergalactic archaeologists. Remember, a confused user is a lost user, and a lost user might just blast off to a competitor’s app like a disgruntled passenger.

No Detours! Keeping the Flow Smooth and Consistent

Think of your app flow like a well-paved space spaceway. Every tap, swipe, and jump should feel natural and intuitive. Avoid sudden lane changes, hidden craters in the dark zones, and confusing detours around the asteroid belt. If a user has to stop and scratch their head, you are likely to lose them. Make the journey seamless, predictable, and as enjoyable as cruising through the nebulae.

Straight road indicating the usage of mobile app navigation

Touch-Friendly Tweaks for Tiny Fingers

Make sure your buttons are big enough for clumsy fingers to tap without accidentally launching nukes. Spacing is the key too – nobody likes accidentally teleporting to the Settings page when they are meant to check their messages. Treat your buttons like comfy lounges on the spaceship – inviting, easy to access, and perfect for a quick nap.

Bon Voyage!: Blast Off with Masterpiece

Alright, with the sound of thrusters humming, and strobing red lights, your passengers (users) are buckled in and buzzing with excitement. Put on your astronaut helmet, grab your space map (aka user research), and get ready to chart a course for app-tastic success!

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