Effective Ways To Increase Mobile App Engagement 2020

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Increase Mobile App Engagement

Ways To Increase Mobile App Engagement - 2020 WideTake

How do you determine the genuine success of your mobile application? This article is a brief guide on the factors that influence the expansion and success rate of mobile applications. Aside from user acquisition, it is important to maintain a balance between downloads and active users. To increase the mobile app engagement, it’s considerably important to urge the 2 substantial metrics into picture ie; mobile app engagement, and mobile app retention.

Getting Into The Statistics

Increasing Mobile App Engagement is not easy as it sounds, in fact maintaining the engagement & retention is that the toughest job as compared with developing an application.

Do you know almost 25% of the users abandon the application from the device after a single-use? And almost 32% of the users only use the application 11 times after downloading it. And that's why it remains to be the toughest job to increase the mobile app engagement these days.

The present tech environment falls into three categories first, the people who use the mobile application second, the developers who develop it, and third are the people who make money out of it.

Ways To Increase Mobile App Engagement

1. Simple Start

The fast-moving world needs everything to be done on a steadfast note hence, having an efficient onboarding can hamper the abandon rate at the initial stage itself.

Efficient Onboarding is sort of a way to make things simple for the users. Here are few tips for making an effective onboarding,

- Cutting down the number of steps involved in account creation, i.e instead of making user fill all the basic information like name, age give them the credibility of signing up with multiple registration options. Example Login with Facebook, Twitter

- Give them the "Try Before The Buy" option.

- Offer the application tutorial to users simply and effectively.

- Adopt teach through actions method to express the primary gesture.

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2. Two Way Communication

Wanting to make sure your application has high ratings in the app store? All you have to do is to encourage two-way communication in your application.

To increase mobile app engagement, build strong relationships with your customers. Firstly, make your brand easily accessible to customers. Now, two-way communication is an effective way that helps you, to know customer feedback about your application, solve your customer problem, and also it is very helpful in improving the application functionality over time.

3. Push Notification

As a general human being, we always want people to appreciate our presence, now apply the same logic in your application engagement. Having a personalized brand interaction with users makes them feel special and gets them to access the application more.

The interaction can be of sending offer messages, app information wishes on special occasions, and many. The successful application adopts this lucrative mode of push notification to increase application engagement.

Statistics (Localytics) says application abandon rate drops from 25% to 19% for the application which adopts push notification.

Note: Remember, to adjust the frequency - sending push notification often may irritate the user, so alert the user about something that gives them value.

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4. Response To Feedback

Create a healthy conversation with your users by replying to their feedback. Always make an eye on your Google Play Store or Apple App Store reviews, your dedicated team of customer support should be always available to reply immediately for user feedback.

Another effective way to increase mobile app engagement is by carrying out user surveys on social media channels. Formulating the feedbacks in one place and strategizing the features that work well and the one that doesn't help to improve the functionality.

5. Upgrade The UI

It's just the same way that how we upgrade ourselves in every phase of our life applies to our mobile app presence as well. It's important to enhance the application's look and feel regularly. Even if the application is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) it's important to evolve it over time.

Modulating the UI UX experience with the gathered feedbacks increases mobile app engagement.

6. In-App Messages

A lot of people get confused between the push notification and in-app messages. In-App messages help to retain the user, retention rate of the applications that use in-app messages has increased to 74% from 61%.

Though in-app messages don't require immediate action at the same time it needs to be enquired once in a while by the user. In-App messages are usually warning messages like app updates, payment failure, due dates, etc.,

Since it's difficult to send personalized messages to users, segregating them on the requirement basis and sending them messages would make the task easy.

7. Offers & Rewards

If your application is of monetization model, particularly QSR apps, offering them time-sensitive discounts as it would help to increase the mobile app engagement & retention rate.

For the freemium app users, make sure to provide the additional offers and rewards to keep them engaged with your application.

8. Test & Track

To increase mobile app engagement, tracking users' experience would be a great start. Experimenting with colors, patterns, and text with A/B testing would allow you to determine the best for your users.

Any standard third party A/B testing tool would serve the purpose, also integrating analytics tools is important to observe your user behavior. These analytics tools help you to calculate the important metrics and generate the heat maps.

Effective tracking and timely improvement give the traits of a successful business. Hence test, track, and improvement form an integral part of mobile app engagement.

Wrapping Up

Remember nothing could save your product if its bug-ridden spoiler, before implementing all the above strategies it is important to create a high-quality application.

On that note, Calibraint Technologies would be the best fit for your innovative ideas. We have successfully delivered smart engaging applications across the globe.

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