15 Fascinating Mobile App Engagement Tips To Win The Users’ Heart In 2024




November 18, 2023

Last updated: March 8, 2024

Increase Mobile App Engagement

Ways To Increase Mobile App Engagement – 2024 – A Wide Take

“All it takes is an idea to build a fantastic mobile application”! Really? How do you determine the genuine success of your mobile application? It’s simple to believe that user acquisition is the key performance indicator for a mobile app engagement, yet strong download rates are valueless if there are no active users. Although brands are investing a lot to get users, it is just the beginning as the value comes from keeping the users after you’ve acquired them.

The frequent use of main product features and the development of a relationship with your product by users is essential to growing product engagement. When there is a lack of such interaction, the product is used less frequently, which eventually leads to customer churn.

Hence the main two measures that truly shed light on an application’s success are mobile app engagement metrics and retention. In this post, we’ll outline the 15 actionable retention strategies that will increase mobile app user retention and engagement.

Getting Into The Statistics

Increasing Mobile App Engagement is not a cake walk just as it sounds. In fact maintaining engagement & retention is the toughest job when compared to developing an application. Do you know that almost 25% of the users abandon the application from their device after a single-use? And almost 32% of the users only use the application 11 times after downloading it? Yess that’s true! 

The present tech environment falls into three categories: the people who use the mobile application, the developers who develop it, and the people who make money out of it. Well, Mobile app engagement metrics has become a concern for everyone in the software development and services industry due to the exponential growth in the number of mobile apps that are accessible for download. Within the first 90 days, an average app loses 80% of its users and only one of every five users will launch the app before closing it. 

Users are quick to give up whatever they are not enthusiastic about and try something else when presented with a large number of options. The challenge then becomes, “How do you keep people interested?” How do you make sure that your software is one that gets downloaded and used repeatedly? Here are 15 effective ways that can help your app achieve success!

15 Exciting Strategies To Increase Mobile App Engagement In 2024

1. Simple Start

The fast-moving world needs everything to be done on a steadfast note. Hence, having an efficient onboarding can hamper the abandonment rate at the initial stage.  Effective onboarding is indeed a way to make things simple and easier for the users. Here are few tips for employing an effective onboarding,

  • Cut down the number of steps involved in account creation. Instead of making the users fill out all the basic information like name, age etc. give them the credibility of signing up with multiple registration options. For example login with Facebook, Google etc. 
  • Give them the “Try Before The Buy” option.
  • Offer simple and effective application tutorials to the users
  • Adopt a teaching method to express the primary gesture.

2. Two-Way Communication

Looking forward to making sure that your application has high ratings in the app store? All you have to do is to encourage two-way communication in your application. To increase mobile app engagement, build strong relationships with your customers. Make sure that your brand is easily accessible to customers. Nonetheless, two-way communication is also an effective way for you to know the customer feedback about your application, solve your customer problem, and also in improving the applications functionality over time.

3. Push Notification

Appreciate and be appreciated! It is indeed a matter of fact that we always look forward to people appreciating our presence. Now apply the same logic to improve the benefits of mobile application engagement. Having a personalized brand interaction with the users can make them feel special and get them to frequently use the applications.  

For Example: Zomato’s push notifications are famous for understanding the user’s emotions.

You must be tired? Order in something delish! 

The interaction can also be in the form of offer messages, app information wishes on special occasions, and more. In short, a successful application adopts this lucrative idea of push notification to increase mobile application engagement. Statistics (Localytics) says that the application abandon rate drops from 25% to 19% for those applications that adopt push notifications.

Note: Remember to adjust the frequency of push notification– sending push notifications frequently can irritate the user. Hence alert the user about something that gives them value.

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4. Response To Feedback

Create a healthy conversation with your users by replying to their feedback. Always keep an eye on your Google Play Store or Apple App Store reviews. Your dedicated customer support team should always be available for replying to immediate user feedback.

Another effective way to increase mobile app engagement is to carry out user surveys on social media channels. Formulating all the feedback in one place and strategizing the features that work well helps to improve the overall functionality of the mobile app.

5. Upgrade The UI

Upgrading is an indisputable part of mobile app development. It’s important to enhance the look and feel of the application regularly. Even if the application is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) it’s important to significantly evolve it over time. But remember not to complicate the UI. A mobile app architecture with a simple UI is what wins the heart of the users. However, modulating the UI design experience with the gathered feedback can increase mobile app engagement.

6. In-App Messages

A customer is more likely to continue with a product if the app experience is more in line with their needs and preferences. However, a lot of people often get confused between push notifications and in-app messages. In-app messages are nonetheless significant notifications but don’t need immediate actions.

These might contain alerts regarding malfunctioning apps, declined payments, or version upgrades. Remember that not every message you send will be pertinent to each and every user. You must make sure the information they receive is valuable to them by segmenting your audience. In-App messages also help to retain the user as the retention rate of the applications that use in-app messages has increased to 74% from 61%.

7. Offers & Rewards

It’s crucial to seize the opportunity if your business strategy enables you to give people rewards or loyalty programmes. Loyalty programmes not only encourage customers to utilize the product, but also give the customers a sense of importance and significance of the business. Time-sensitive discounts will be a perfect solution for in-app purchasing apps, especially QSR apps. However, freemium apps can additionally reward customers with usage-based rewards rather than monetary discounts.

8. Test & Track

To increase mobile app engagement, tracking users’ experience can be a great start. Experimenting with colors, patterns, and text with A/B testing can allow one to determine the best possible options for the users.

Any standard third party A/B testing tool can indeed serve the purpose. Integrating analytics tools can also help in observing the users behavior. These analytics tools help you to calculate the important metrics and generate the heat maps. Effective tracking and timely improvement are the best traits of a successful business. Hence test, track, and improvements form the integral part of mobile app engagement.

Mobile App Engagement

9. Add Support Chatbots In Apps

To provide a superior level of customer experience, a rising number of companies are integrating support chatbot trends into their mobile apps. Chatbots are slowly becoming a well-known leading communication tool all over the world with their strong NLP capabilities.

Mobile chatbots can revolutionize the support team’s workflow in a number of ways, including real-time resolutions, improved CX, and cost savings.  Integrating your app with a mobile chatbot serves as the extra outlet for your customers to seamlessly get solutions at a moment’s notice thereby increasing the mobile app engagement.

10. Roll Out Beta Releases

Rolling out beta releases to a specific set of users will help you get the exact details about the issues that lie in your app. Even though the majority of mobile app developers strive to write their apps’ code meticulously, an app might typically contain a number of coding mistakes.

You can thus be aware of these issues before they are released so that you can rectify them, rather than allowing an app to go live with them. Hence Beta testing an app can save you time and aggravation when it is made available to the entire public.

Thus to improve your mobile app engagement, roll out beta releases to specific sets of users, get their feedback and then release it to all the users. 

11. Use Design Guidelines

Use design guidelines from Google and Apple for an effective mobile app engagement. An effective UI UX design elements are often the results of having a visually appealing and engaging application. Users have a specific set of expectations on how the features will function and appear when they interact with the application. As a result, you must create an app that suits the user’s preferences.

12. Employ Deep Linking

Deep Linking makes it seamless for a user to locate an in-app product efficiently and quickly without spending extra time and energy. Deep linking is also a powerful analytics tool in addition to providing a smoother and enhanced user experience with higher engagement and growth rate. It improves the likelihood of app installation and gives users a streamlined app journey while reducing the needless swirling. For example: Email Validation.

13. Add Analytics In Application

To track your user activities you may add Analytics in the mobile application (Ex: Firebase analytics, serve, appcenter) during the custom mobile application development process. They aid in your understanding of how to optimize your app and users’ behavior to accomplish your objectives.

They provide you with information about how the users are interacting with your app, what part of the app they are interacting with, and what actions they do when using it. You may then establish a plan of action based on these insights to further improve your product, such as introducing new features that users appear to need, upgrading current features or deleting features that users don’t mostly use.

14. Add Widgets

To enhance the user experience of mobile app and to remind users about the app’s existence, one may use widgets to quickly access certain information from apps without having to open the app completely. A widget provides value to a user right when they need it and offers the chance for continued app engagement. With deep connections that take users within the application, widgets offer a quick way to access the full application.

15. Tooltip

Mobile tooltips are a product owner’s friendly method of nudging users toward the important features so that they are completely aware of how the app functions and how to get the most out of it. They’re an excellent technique to guarantee that users engage with the crucial features that will promote adoption, engagement, and retention. It also provides interactive content for the user to engage with thus, contributing to the effective UX (user experience) and mobile app engagement.

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Wrapping Up

Whooo! That was indeed a lot! But you definitely now understand how to increase user engagement with your app. You must do more to retain customers’ loyalty to your brand and encourage them to use the app given that they are inundated with several mobile apps. 

The objective today is to keep people engaged in order to foster brand loyalty, and not just get them to download the app. User retention and app engagement are just as vital as new user acquisition. Your app’s average lifetime value (LTV) will rise and your revenue will rise as more users become devoted to long-term users. The aforementioned techniques can greatly increase user retention and engagement, ensuring that your app stands out in the crowded market for custom mobile application development.

But keep in mind that developing high-quality software is still the primary necessity before you go into applying these suggestions. Any trick in the world won’t be able to fix a slow, buggy app. Hence in order to make an app that is worth your users’ time, take your time! Also remember to pay attention to their input, optimize your app for social media, and release updates frequently.

But if all of this seems to be a little overwhelming, don’t let it discourage you. Calibraint is here to help you out! Calibraint as a custom mobile application development company is skilled in creating interesting custom mobile applications that suit all the users. Hence, if you have a complex project, let us know. We are just a chat away

Frequently Asked On Mobile App Engagement

How To Increase Mobile App Engagement?

  • Efficient onboarding
  • Push notifications
  • In-App messages
  • Offer and Incentivization programs
  • Two-Way communications
  •  Chatbot integration
  • Deep Linking and more can increase mobile app engagement. 

What Is Mobile App Engagement?

Mobile app engagement measures how your users react to your overall app functionalities and certain features inside the app. 

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